Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)

Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)
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CCR Program Guide

This catalog highlights our core initiatives of cyber education, research, and outreach.

PDF File 3.80 MB
Cyberspace 200/300 Courses Tri-fold Brochure

Professional continuing education (PCE) courses for cyberspace professionals.

PDF File 5.69 MB
Cyber Executive Development Graduate Experience (C-EDGE) Tri-fold Brochure

C-EDGE is a professional continuing education course designed for the development of DoD senior ranking personnel who have minimal cyberspace operations experience.

PDF File 6.18 MB
Advanced Cyber Education (ACE) Program Tri-fold Brochure

The ACE program is a four week course for Academy and ROTC cadets studying computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering.

PDF File 7.17 MB
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