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Zachary J. Zeitlin, Second Lieutenant, USAF

Fingerprinting Software Defined Networks and Controllers

PDF File 1.72 MB
Kate J. Yaxley, FLTLT, Royal Australian Air Force

Communication and Jamming BDA of OFDMA Communication Systems Using the Software Defined Radio Platform Wrap

PDF File 3.87 MB
Michael M. Winn, Major, US Army

Contructing Cost-Effective and Targetable ICS Honeypots Suited for Production Networks

PDF File 2.47 MB
Kristian E. Warner Jr., Second Lieutenant, USAF

Electrical and Physical Property Characterization of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Ink for Flexible Printed Electronics

PDF File 5.91 MB
Phillip C. Warner, Captain, USAF

Automatic Configuration of Programmable Logic Controller Emulators

PDF File 2.59 MB
Ralph K. Tatum, Second Lieutenant, USAF

Exploration of Digital Circuits Transistor-Level Testing In the DARPA Trust Program

PDF File 1.50 MB
Russell G. Shirey, Captain, USAF

Git As An Encrypted Distribution Version Control System

PDF File 1.56 MB
Michael D. Rich, MSgt, USAF

Evaluating Machine Learning Classifiers For Hybrid Network Instrusion Detection Systems

PDF File 1.42 MB
Nicholas J. Paltzer, Captain, USAF

Network Routing Using the Network Tasking Order, A Chron Approach

PDF File 3.31 MB
William M. Lowder, Second Lieutenant, USAF

Real-Time RF-DNA Fingerprinting of Zigbee Devices Using a Software-Defined Radio With FPGA Processing

PDF File 2.48 MB
Scott A. Hutchison, CPT, US Army

Distribution Kernelized Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Faster Image Based Navigation

PDF File 14.2 MB
Leleia A. Hsia, Second Lieutenant, USAF

Gate-Level Commercial Microelectronics Verification with Standard Cell Recognition

PDF File 8.39 MB
Benjamin N. Heruska, Captain, USAF

Design and Characterization of a Secure Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Prototype

PDF File 3.19 MB
Ryan D.L. Engle, Captain, USAF

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of a Decoy State Enabled Quantum Key Distribution System

PDF File 7.50 MB
Michael R. Clark, Civilian

The Theory and Application of Privacy-Preserving Computation

PDF File 1.09 MB
Devlin T. Boyter, CPT, US Army

Identifying Image Manipulation Software From Image Features

PDF File 756 KB
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