Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)

Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)
Graduate Education Programs

Cyber graduate degrees are conferred by AFIT's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ENG). Link to the ENG webpage for complete information on the degrees listed below.
Master's degrees are typically 18-month programs starting in August and ending in March:
  • Master of Computer Science (GCS)
  • Cyber Security Sequence Master of Computer Engineering (GCE)
  • Cyber Security Sequence Master of Science in Cyber Operations (GCO)
  • Master of Electrical Engineering (GE) - Various Sequences
Doctoral degrees are typically 36-month programs starting in August and ending in September:
  • Doctorate of Computer Science (GCS)
  • Doctorate of Computer Engineering (GCE)
  • Doctorate of Electrical Engineering (GE)
Requirements & Eligibility
Course requirements and eligibility for each program can be found in AFIT's ENG Student Guide and PhD Handbook. Click the links below for detailed information.
Every full-time student is assigned a faculty thesis advisor. View the Center for Cyberspace Research Faculty Directory here:

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