Officer Education Record Updates/Corrections

Officer Education Record Updates/Corrections
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions is not answered here,  the best way to contact us is at our e-mail address at   Address and Fax/Phone Numbers:

AFIT/Academic Coding Branch

E-mail –
Voice DSN: 785-6565 ext 4324
Voice Comm: (937) 255-6565 ext4324

Pre-Selection Brief Information:

Your OPB should only reflect the two highest/most recent degree information. If you are currently attending an AFIT in-residence or AFIT Civilian Institution sponsored program, you do not need to have your record updated for progress towards the degree.  You will show as in student status, this identifies you as working towards a degree.

Q:  Will you accept a fax from my university for a completion letter or transcript.
A:  We no longer accept faxes of any document.  Our fax service was discontinued on 17 June 08.  If an electronic transmission is required it will need to be accomplished through e-mail.

Q: Why are/is my degree date(s) showing 1 January when my actual graduation date was something different?
A: Prior to the implementation of the MILPDS system (June 2001), we only updated the graduation year for your degree(s). When MILPDS came online, everyone received a default date of 1 January of the year they graduated. The completion date format was not something they could change in ORACLE, the software platform MILPDS is based on. The month and day of the degree date is not considered in any promotion, assignment, PME, or any kind of board as a matter of fact the board members can’t even see the month/day. We are updating the dates as we come to them in day to day processing but due to the number of records that need this information updated, we are not taking requests to update only this information

Q: I am meeting a promotion board soon; how can I get my records updated quickly?
A: We need an official transcript or official letter (on university letterhead) from your university mailed or e-mailed (emails are only accepted in .pdf format and must be the official transcript or official letter [physically signed by the registrar] sent from the registrar’s office use the following address; to us reflecting your degree completion or graduation.  (We cannot accept electronic documents from the student, Department Head or Academic Advisor.) 

"Special instructions for letters"
All letters must contain the following information: Name, SSN, degree level, major area of study, date of graduation (for future graduation dates we will accept the requirements completion date as a substitute), the letter must be signed by the Registrar and must be on university letterhead.

Q: How can I determine my transcript was received and/or education level updated?
A: By accessing the virtual MPF. you can view your academic information. If for some reason, this resource is unavailable to you, contact your local MPF or Education Center. Either of these offices can access MILPDS and determine the status of your education level update. If for some reason, these resources are unable to provide information to your satisfaction, or you need an immediate update, you may contact us at DSN 785-6565 ext 4324 or e-mail at AFIT.CODING@AFIT.EDU.

Q: do I need to get my records updated?
A: Send an official transcript showing the necessary hours, or degree to:
AFIT/Academic Coding Branch

Q: How many credits do I need for my records to reflect work towards a master's degree?
A: We must have an official transcript reflecting 15 or more semester hours, or 22 or more quarter hours of graduate work above the baccalaureate level.

Q: How many credits do I need for my records to reflect work towards a doctoral degree?
A: We must have an official transcript reflecting 30 or more semester hours, or 45 quarter hours of graduate work, above the master's level.

Q: Can you accept a copy or fax of my transcript?
A: We are unable to accept photocopies, faxes, scans, or pictures of transcripts.  We cannot accept opened or Issued to Student transcripts they must be Official Transcripts (i.e. have a raised seal or tri-color stamp, etc) sent directly from the university.

Q: How can I check to see if the update has been completed?
A: We recommend you first check your vMPF, look for the Data Verification Brief or we recommend you e-mail us at we will check the system and e-mail you back. If you do not have e-mail, then call us for a check of the system.

Q: Do you update Squadron Officers School (SOS), Air War College (AWC), Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and other PME Courses I might take?
A: A: We do not update officer PME in this office, please contact the Office of Officer PME at Air University for the update. They can be reached at: DSN 493-4776, Comm. (334) 953-4776 or by e-mail at

Q: Can I get a transcript for my Professional Continuing Education (PCE) courses?
A: For courses taken at the Civil Engineering and Services School questions may be directed to DSN 785-5654 x3588 or 3582. For courses taken at the School of Systems and Logistics call DSN 785-7777 extension 3262.

Q: Do you update my Acquisition Courses?
A: No, please contact the Pentagon at DSN 425-7112.

Q: How do I get transcripts if I have attended an AFIT in residence graduate level program?
A: If you were a full time student in-residence or have taken part-time master's or PhD level courses, you would call the AFIT Registrar's office at DSN 785-6234 voice option 5. Or Ext 3192

Q: I have just received a message that my bachelor's degree information is not on file even though I have been in the Air Force for several years. The information has been in the system since I came in, and I have to have a degree to be an officer. How is this possible?
A: When you are commissioned in the Air Force, the office that commissions you is responsible for obtaining official transcripts, verifying academic education, and forwarding them to our office (OETR) within 90 calendar days. This does not always happen.  We rely on individual officers checking the accuracy of their records.  If there is an error contact us.

Q: Why does my degree specialty say something  before the correct area is shown?
A: Our coding system is built on adding specialties to general areas. The number part of your specialty code identifies a general area, and the three letters following identify your specific area. As long as the latter portion of your description identifies your specialty, the code is correct.

Q: Why does my degree information state BAC and/or MAS?
A: "BAC" indicates a baccalaureate degree, "MAS" master's. The Air Force does not distinguish between Bachelor or Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts, Master of Science.

Q: Why is the Academic Education block on my selection brief blank?
A: This is a question best answered on a one-on-one basis; there are too many possibilities to list here. You may contact us directly at DSN 785-6565, or 937-255-6565 extension 4324.

Q: If selected for AFIT sponsorship, which school will I attend?
A: The rule is: If AFIT offers the program in-residence, you will attend AFIT at Wright-Patterson AFB. If AFIT does not offer the major for which you are selected, you will be assigned a Program Manager in the Civilian Institution Program Office at AFIT. The Program Manager will assist in the school selection.

Q: How are the quotas in the newsletter determined? -OR- Why can't I go to any masters' program I desire?
A: Quotas are based on mission essential requirements of the Air Force. If an organization requires an advanced academic degree (AAD) for a position, they request consideration through the Air Force Education Requirements Board (AFERB) for a new degree to be considered. The AFERB studies all requests and establishes degrees (based on man-years) allowed for full-time education. Only those degrees are permitted to be awarded.

Q: If I have questions on the process or status of my evaluation, how can I contact AFIT?
A: AFIT/ENER now has an e-mail address: E-mail questions will be answered within 24 hours, EXCEPT for complete evaluation requests. These are processed in the order received. We also encourage the use of our FAX: (937) 255-2791, or DSN 785-2791.

Q:What is the payback for my AFIT-sponsored graduate program?
A: Active Duty Service Commitments: Please utilize this web site for your answers and to download the Statement of Understanding.

Q: I have completed a graduate degree on my own with tuition assistance. Will AFIT sponsor me for another graduate degree?
A: AFIT/ENER will complete the usual evaluation, but your HQ AFPC/Assignment Officer will determine if AFIT will sponsor another graduate degree.

Q: Do I have to submit an evaluation every year I want to be considered?
A: A new request should be submitted only if you wish to change your program preference. Except for medical programs and AFIT resident PhD programs, once you have been declared eligible, you are in the system until you are either selected for a program or request to be removed from the eligibility pool. AFIT/RRE recommends you stay informed through the AFIT Education Newsletter and request changes for program consideration by submitting a new request for evaluation with programs in order of preference.

Q: What is an Academic Specialty Code?

Education Level Year Academic Specialty Method School
  • The Education Level is the current amount of education earned. (P = Master's Degree)
  • The Year is when the education level was earned.
  • The Academic Specialty is a four digit alphanumeric code:
    • The first character represents the General Area of Study; in the example above 8 represents Physical Sciences.
    • The second character is the Major Academic Field; in the example above 8C is Chemistry.
    • The third character is the Specialization; in the example above 8CC is Biochemistry.
    • The fourth character is the Sub-specialization; in the example above 8CCM is Microbiological Chemistry.
  • The Method is the source of the education received; in the example Y means that the member paid for the degree on their own.
  • The School Code is a three-digit code used to designate a specific school; in the example above BOE is Boston University.