Distance Learning Programs
Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions
1.) Why does this course use a different lecture format than my last one?

AFIT has a suite of tools that can be used by instructors. Each of these tools has certain advantages or a disadvantage, depending upon factors such as the instructor’s teaching style, the use of PowerPoint slides during course lectures, etc. We encourage instructors to use the tools they feel will make the best course. As such, you might have to learn how to use a new interface when a new course begins. Moreover, tools are evolving all the time. Sometimes a problematic situation – such as trouble behind military firewalls – prompts us to look for alternative (and hopefully improved) tools. 

2.) What is Blackboard? Are my Blackboard account and my AFIT network account the same?

No, these accounts are not the same. Blackboard is a learning management system -- a commercial software product used in educational environments. It provides an area for instructors and students to post and view course information, submit homework, view course lectures, etc. Generally speaking, all the courses in your program will depend heavily on Blackboard to distribute information and announcements.

Your AFIT network account -- if you have one -- would give you access to AFIT computing resources. Most courses require very little or no  network access,  but some might require you to use the AFIT network (perhaps to access software required for homework assignments). If you have an AFIT  network account, we recommend that you attempt to log onto the AFIT network at least once per month.

The AFIT network is subject to military regulations -- password changes, annual IA training, etc. If you have an AFIT  network account and you want it to remain active, when you reaccomplish your IA training, remember to FAX a copy of your new certificate to (937) 656-7326 (DSN 986-).

3.) Do I have access to the AFIT Library and its electronic resources?

Yes!  Contact the library for assistance be sure to identify yourself as an AFIT DL student when you do so.

The AFIT library's website is:  www.afit.edu/library

4.) Do I have to re-apply (fill out a new application form) for the Masters in Systems Engineering Program if I am currently in the Systems Engineering or Space Systems Certificate Program?

If a student wishes to be admitted, they need to apply for the program.  We no longer have change of status paperwork that can be completed.

5.) Can I change my status at any time?

It is  easiest to do so before you start your fourth quarter. AFIT school regulations allow 12 credits to be transferred into your degree transcript more than this requires a waiver. (For certificate students, the additional courses probably would be accepted, but  it is  best to change status after three quarters, particularly when you already know you are planning to do so).

6.) What qualifications do I need to have to be accepted into these programs?

All of our programs require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; generally, this degree must be in a scientific or engineering field. Each program’s entrance requirements are different, but some common threads exist. In general, students should have at least a 3.0 GPA. Some of the more technical programs expect to see three or four semesters of calculus as part of their mathematical background. Sometimes exceptions are granted, but these have to be approved by faculty on a case-by-case basis. All applicants must be U.S. citizens.

7.) Do I need to have a smartcard to register for classes?

AFIT Student Operations requires an electronic CAC signature on all registration forms filed. Resident students are required to use the WebAdvisor registration system when possible. Students who no longer have CAC access are required to supply documentation that verifies their student eligibility. Students who have a change in eligibility are required to report such changes to the Student Operations department. AFIT is under no obligation to allow student attendance or degree completion for anyone who no longer qualifies for student status.

8.) Is there tuition for DL courses? If so how do I find out if I owe anything?

Tuition policies are set by the AFIT Bursar Office. Please ensure you contact the Bursar Office at bursar@afit.edu or (937) 255-8400 x3623 to set up your account and determine your financial obligations.