Kenney Hall Information & Reservations

Kenney Hall

AFIT is home to the second largest auditorium at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. With seating for 750 and state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, Kenney Hall is perfect for presentations and more. We are happy to share the facility with you.

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Bldg 642, First Floor
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Hours of Operation
0800 - 1700

NOTE: Information current as of Mar 2012

Christie DS+4 Projector, 5000 Lumens, Native SXGA + 1400 x 1050 Resolution
DVD player/Dual Recorder
RF Remote for Advancing Computer Slides
6 Wireless lapel Microphones
6 Wireless Handheld Microphones
Lenovo PC loaded with Windows 7 OS and Office 2007
Dual monitors to facilitate slide presentations

**Reminder: There is no food or drink allowed in auditorium.

**It is recommended that coordination is done well in advance of scheduled date and time to ensure that all details are worked out prior to actual briefing/conference.