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SWE 440 - Software Test Engineering

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17A L May 08 2017 - May 26 2017 Web-BB Registration through POC
17B L Aug 07 2017 - Aug 25 2017 Web-BB Registration through POC

This course teaches the assessment of software test engineering processes and artifacts used by the Air Force. Topics include the testing process and design, test levels, test strategy, test planning, tools, and test metrics. Students learn functional and structural techniques, assessing the quality of test artifacts, and identifying the risks associated with moving into software sustainment. SWE 440 is one of five courses in the SPDP software development track, and is taught online by instructor-led distance learning. Students are highly encouraged to complete SWE 430 before enrolling in SWE 440. Students must successfully complete a series of course exercises in order to successfully complete the class. Upon completion of SWE 410, 420, 430, 440 and 450, the student earns an AFIT SPDP “Software Development” certificate.

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SWE 201

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