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LOG 143 - Logistics Readiness Squadron Quality Assurance Evaluator Course

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This is a web-based course administered through AFIT Online.

This course is designed to educate LRS evaluators on the concept, policies, and responsibilities of the Logistics Readiness Squadron Quality Assurance Program contained in AFI 20- 112. This course will ensure a standardized method is used to evaluate a unit’s compliance with Air Force, command, and local directives and policies. Completion of this course is mandatory to qualify as a LRS evaluator. The student will comprehend the Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Quality Assurance Program: describe the Logistics Compliance and Assessment Program and other HHQ inspections describe the Logistics Readiness Squadron Quality Assurance Program identify responsibilities of key QA personnel identify the types of evaluations, inspections, and observations used within the LRS program describe the Air Force Publications and Forms Management program explain the use of technical orders and AFOSH standards explain how to perform evaluations and inspections explain how to develop and analyze metrics explain the importance of generating and writing evaluation/inspection report findings explain LRS reporting requirements to include capturing and cataloging of evaluations and trends.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3252
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3252


Grade Restrictions:
TSgt/MSgt and GS-09 - GS-12

Special Requirements:
This course is a Blackboard course which must be completed within the 15 day window to receive credit.

Target Audience:
Civilian career series requiring course: 2F0X1, 2G0X1, 2S0X1, 2T1X1, 2T0X1, & 2T3XX

Course Length:
15 Days



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