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LOG 262 - Applied Maintenance Management Concepts (AF)

Current Offering Dates & Locations:
Offering Dates Location
17E-O O May 08 2017 - May 19 2017 Osan AB, South Korea
17I-O O Jun 12 2017 - Jun 23 2017 Hill AFB, UT
17G-O O Jul 10 2017 - Jul 21 2017 Elmendorf AFB, AK
17H-O O Aug 07 2017 - Aug 18 2017 Joint Base Andrews, MD

Provides base-level aircraft and munitions maintenance managers with a survey of concepts and techniques from production operations management and related disciplines, with emphasis on identifying and defining issues, quantitative analysis of alternative courses of action, and effective communication of proposals and related costs and benefits up the chain of command. The course stresses practical application to actual challenges confronting base-level maintenance managers. Although several mathematical techniques are introduced, the course is specifically designed for managers who may not have any previous math background. Topics include group decision making dynamics, continuous process improvement methods, capacity requirements planning, general scheduling theory, project scheduling, basic statistics, queuing theory, organizational safety, and basic reliability and maintainability and calculations.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3252
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3252


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Special Requirements:
All personnel in maintenance and logistics related career fields are eligible, however nominees currently assigned to, pending assignment to, or working in direct support of organizational and intermediate level aircraft maintenance activities have priority. Officers O1 through O4, enlisted members E6 through E9, and civilian members in grades GS9 through GS13, and wage grade equivalents are eligible. At least one year of experience at the organizational or intermediate level of maintenance is desired for military attendees. Selection Process: Initial review of application by appropriate training office. Final review and selection approval is made by the Course Director. Waivers for personnel in other career fields, levels of assignment, and experience (specifically for cross-trainees and cross-flow officers) will be considered by the Course Director.

Target Audience:
Open to non-US personnel (MASL # D178119, D178135). Maintenance and logistics managers and supervisors. Not rank/grade specific. (See Special Requirements below).

Course Length:
10 days



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