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WKS 0672 - Data Analytics Tools and Techniques

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19D L Jul 08 2019 - Aug 02 2019 Live Internet

Data Analytics is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after capabilities within the professional world. It has been said that Knowledge is Power and those who can manage and make sense of the 2.5 billion gigabytes of data we amass everyday can harness that power. Strategic data analytic capability has yielded phenomenal results throughout numerous industries to include the Federal Government and the DoD at large. Presidential Elections, Major League Baseball Teams, Major Online Retailers and even Defense Contractors… have all successfully used Data Analytics to gain a competitive advantage, cut operation and production costs, speed up delivery, generate precise forecasts and ultimately make better decisions. This workshop will explore various tools and techniques required to achieve the results garnered by leading edge, high-performing organizations. We also discuss intermediate statistical techniques and how to leverage them utilizing popular Data Analytics tools commonly found on our computers today: Microsoft Excel, Access, Structured Query Language SQL, Tableau, R and R-Studio. Graduates of this workshop will be prepared to apply what they’ve learned to take an active role in their organization’s data analytics, directly contributing to data-driven de decision making.

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None. Prior experience in Microsoft Access, SQL, Tableau, and R is not required, however, familiarity with Microsoft Excel is highly recommended.

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GS-9 to GS-15 and Military Equivalents. NCO’s welcome on a space available basis.

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30 days



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