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SYS 400 - Current Topics in Acquisition and Support

Current Offering Dates & Locations:
Offering Dates Location
18B R Feb 06 2018 - Feb 08 2018 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH
18C-O O Apr 03 2018 - Apr 05 2018 LA AFB, CA
18D-S R May 15 2018 - May 24 2018 ATN Satellite Class Open to Various Bases (see comments below for specific locations)
18E R Aug 07 2018 - Aug 09 2018 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH

SYS 400 - Current Topics in Acquisition and Support: This course is an outstanding opportunity to learn or refresh on issues and initiatives impacting experienced acquisition and support professionals. Because of the dynamic environment and busy schedules, AF personnel are challenged to keep up with the multitude of policy changes. In a short three day period, this course covers many of the ever- challenging topics that impact AF Acquisition and Support. Topics may vary somewhat from class to class, in part to reflect the most recent changes, but also to accommodate the schedules of expert guest speakers. The course enables students to listen to and to engage with the experts-- there is generally a different speaker or facilitator for each topic presented. Students also learn by reading a recent journal article and analyzing it with a small group of other students. The course is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn from one another, as they gather together from different functions, jobs, bases, and backgrounds to share knowledge and experience during discussions. Students thus benefit from exposure to the wide range of current topics in the acquisition and support arenas, helping to assess the impacts to their roles and responsibilities as managers.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3227
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3227

SYS 400 is intended for experienced mid-level managers. Generally, senior captains, field grade officers, and civilian equivalents with at least 10 years of experience in acquisition and performing as mid- level managers at Air Force product centers, air logistics centers, test centers, laboratories, or headquarters (from any major command) take this course. It is preferred that everyone attending also have at least a Level II Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP) certification in any functional field. The course is open to and applicable to persons from the aircraft, space, information, and support communities. The course is also open for past graduates of SYS 400 to take again--generally after about three years--to keep up with the dynamic changes in acquisition and support arenas.

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Funding: There is no TDY funding for this offering. AFIT/LSM will review all applications 30 days prior to class start and will approve based on student priority for training, and to ensure a diverse student mix in the class.

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See "Prerequisites"

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3 days



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