CCI equipment is critical to the warfighter's mission.   Accordingly, Base Supply and COMSEC personnel must never refuse delivery.   They must accept the equipment and then determine who should manage and be accountable for the item(s), Base Supply or the supporting COMSEC account.

All vendors that ship CCIs to a COMSEC account must identify in their shipping document, “pass to” instructions to facilitate the timely movement of the item from COMSEC channels to the end customer/using organization.   Program managers should update future applicable documents/instructions to all vendors that ship CCIs to COMSEC accounts.

Procedures for the transfer and receipt of CCI equipment to and from COMSEC accounts has been added to AFKAG-2, Air Force COMSEC Accounting Manual.

AFMAN 23-110 is being updated to include guidance to document the procedures for transferring CCI equipment from Base Supply to a COMSEC account (both for the services and contractor accounts).   Base Supply guidance for controlling CCI on the SF 153 will be clarified and rewritten to include the transfer of items inter-service.