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AFIT Graduates Class of March 2009
Posted Friday, March 27, 2009


Two hundred thirty nine scientists, engineers, and management specialists are the Mar 09 gradsrecipients of graduate and doctoral degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology. AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its March 2009 graduation ceremony Thursday at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The graduating class was awarded 233 master’s degrees and eight doctorates (two students were awarded dual master’s degrees). Fifteen students who completed graduation requirements in previous terms also returned to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Lt. Gen. Terry L. Gabreski, Vice Commander, Air Force Materiel Command, delivered the commencement address. Once Gen. Gabreski offered her final congratulations and AFIT Commandant Brig. Gen. Paula G. Thornhill passed out diplomas to the master’s students, the ceremony highlighted the dissertations of the doctoral students during the hooding process:

Flexible Twist for Pitch Control in a High Altitude Long Endurance Aircraft with Nonlinear Response, By Lt. Col. Vanessa L. Bond, Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Canfield

A Framework for Analyzing Biometric Template Aging and Renewal Prediction, By LCDR John W. Carls, USN, Advisor: Dr. Richard A. Raines

Atmospheric-Turbulence-Effects Correction Factors for the Laser Range Equation, By LTC Walter P. Cole, USA, Advisor: Dr. Michael A. Marciniak

Hypermixer Pylon Fuel Injection for a Scramjet Combustor, By Maj. Jason C. Doster, Advisor: Dr. Paul I. King

Frequency Diversity for Improving Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, By Maj. Jawad Farooq, Advisor: Maj. Michael A. Saville

Interoperability Measurement, By Lt. Col. (sel) Thomas C. Ford, Advisor: Dr. John Colombi

The Effective Potential Energy Surfaces of the Nonadiabatic Collision, By Capt. Matthew B. Garvin, Advisor: Dr. David E. Weeks

Direct Initiation of Multiple Tubes by Detonation Branching in a Pulsed Detonation Engine, By Maj. David R. Hopper, Advisor: Dr. Paul King

Electronic State Distributions for Pulsed Laser Deposition of Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide, By Lt. Col. Patrick D. Kee, Advisor: Dr. Glen P. Perram

A Taxonomy for and Analysis of Anonymous Communications Networks, By Douglas J. Kelly, Advisor: Dr. Richard A. Raines

Characterizing and Detecting Unrevealed Elements of Network Systems, By Lt. Col. James A. Leinart, Advisor: Dr. Richard F. Deckro

Statistical Processing Methods for Polarimetric Imagery, By Daniel A. LeMaster, Advisor: Dr. Stephen C. Cain

Integrated Approach to Airborne Laser Communication, By Lt. Col. James A. Louthain, Advisor: Maj. Jason D. Schmidt

Extension of Viscoplasticity Based on Overstress to Capture the Effects of Prior Aging on the Time Dependent Deformation Behavior of a High-Temperature Polymer: Experiments and Modeling, By Amber J. W. McClung, Advisor: Dr. Marina B. Ruggles-Wrenn

Dynamic Network Formation using Ant Colony Optimization, By Maj. Steven C. Oimoen, Advisor: Dr. Gilbert L. Peterson

Multi-Class Classification for Identifying JPEG Steganography Embedding Methods, By Benjamin M. Rodriguez II, Advisor: Dr. Gilbert L. Peterson

Metamodeling Techniques to Aid in the Aggregation Process of Large Hierarchical Simulation Models, By Maj. June F. D. Rodriguez, Advisor: Dr. J. O. Miller

Nondestructive Evaluation of Aircraft Composites Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy, By Lt. Col. Christopher D. Stoik, Advisor: Lt. Col. Matthew J. Bohn

A Hybrid Template-Based Composite Classification System, By Capt. Michael A. Turnbaugh, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth W. Bauer, Jr.

Closed-Loop Adaptive Optics Control in Strong Atmospheric Turbulence, By Lt. Col. Todd M. Venema, Advisor: Dr Juan Vasquez

Air Force officers comprised the majority of the Class of March 2009; however, the Institute also graduated nine Army officers, four Navy officers, one Marine Corps officer, eight Air Force enlisted, and 16 civilians, along with 21 international students from the countries of Turkey, Australia, Argentina, and the Republic of Korea. One of the Navy students, LCDR John Carls, is the first Navy doctoral student to be hooded at AFIT and is also the first Navy doctoral student to complete the Information Assurance certificate program. Upon graduation, most AFIT students will fill technical positions requiring advanced academic degrees in their respective fields of study from across the Department of Defense.

Four students were recognized for their exemplary performance during their graduate studies. The Commandant’s Award was presented to Maj. Daniel Schmitt, who demonstrated the most exceptional individual master’s thesis research. In recognition of his exceptional scholarship and high qualities of character, initiative, and leadership, Lt. Col. Carlos Molina (Argentina) was the recipient of the Mervin E. Gross Award, named in honor of Brig. Gen. Mervin E. Gross, first commandant of the Institute. The Edwin E. Aldrin, Sr. Award, named in honor of Lt. Edwin E. Aldrin, Sr., member of the Institute’s first graduating class and father of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, was presented to Maj. Glen R. Shilland for demonstrating strong personal leadership and accomplishing AFIT’s education objectives in an outstanding manner. Finally, Master Sgt. Michael Fetters received the Secretary James G. Roche Award for demonstrating exceptional academic achievement through a combination of grade point average and outstanding thesis, as well as high qualities of character, initiative, leadership and service while in a master’s graduate program.

Congratulations to AFIT’s graduating class of March 2009!



Master of Science
Capt. Emily A. Knight
Mr. Michael B. Walsh


Master of Science
Maj. Clifton M. Durham
First Lt. Eric Holloway
Capt. Han Seok Kim (Republic of Korea)
Capt. Jeremy Millar *
Capt. Thomas W. Moore
Capt. Anthony P. O'Dell
Capt. Cindy C. Reese
Maj. Daniel T. Schmitt *
Capt. Bradley D. Sevy
Capt. Nicholas C. Theis
Master Sgt. Michael G. Wabiszewski

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
First Lt. Murat Gocmen (Turkey)
Capt. Jose A. Gonzalez *
Capt. Stephen Lin
Capt. Richard T. Muster
Maj. David W. Olander *
Capt. Brett A. Pagel
Capt. Roy Porter
Maj. Karl R. Schrader *
Second Lt. Michael A. Tanner
Capt. Jason A. Williams

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
First Lt. Gokhan Altin (Turkey)
Capt. Nicholas Amato
Capt. Jason L. Antkoviak
Capt. Cory Antosh
Capt. Bradley L. Balling
Capt. Jason Bingham
Maj. Dennis R. Birchenough
Capt. Paul M. Brand
Capt. Michael A. Ciampa
Capt. Nicholas R. Coleman
Capt. James H. Crane
Capt. Jason G. Crosby
Capt. Brian P. Donnell
Maj. Michael R. Dulski
Capt. Nathan D. Engstrom
Maj. Patric J. Ernsberger
Mr. Daniel M. Gallagher
First Lt. Jeffrey R. Gray *
Capt. Adam J. Gubbels
Capt. Constance Hendrix
First Lt. Augustine A. Honore
Capt. Torsten E. Howard
Capt. Steven Jordan
Capt. Jonathan Keen
Capt. William J. Keichel
First Lt. Mauricio Kossler
Capt. Anthony L. Larweck
Capt. Tod Laurvick
First Lt. John D. McShane
Flight Lt. Adrian Monz (Australia)
Capt. Luis A. Oquendo Class
Capt. Hiren J. Patel *
Capt. Jimmie J. Perez *
Capt. Benjamin W. Ramsey
Capt. Luke Rederus
Mr. Donald R. Reising
Capt. Neil G. Rogers
Capt. Joseph D. Rosal
Capt. Ashley L. Schmitt
Maj. Adam M. Schultz
Capt. Evan T. Searles
Capt. James Hensley Shields
Capt. Thomas Simmons
Capt. William F. Storms
Capt. Adam D. Weaver
Capt. James R. Weber
First Lt. Arubey Wiggins
First Lt. Brian J. Witthoeft
First Lt. Cigdem Yetisti (Turkey)


Master of Science
MAJ Jeffrey B. Bacon (US Army)
Capt. Spencer J. Bowen *
Mr. John Callahan
Capt. Jannette Jean Cohen
Capt. Michael L. Dexter
Capt. Francesco J. Echeverria
Capt. Travis C. Gomez
First Lt. Steven P. James
Capt. Jeremy D. Johnson
CPT Christina R. Kearns (US Army)
Capt. Brent R. Lacy
First Lt. Charlton D. Lewis
Capt. Seth L. Marek
MAJ Daniel I. Mattei (US Army)
Capt. Christian J. Pierce
Capt. Jonathan C. Spaulding
Capt. Seth M. Swift

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Capt. Sean G. Groves
Capt. Neil Robert Jesse
Capt. Thomas J. Lagoski
Capt. Robert B. Lamott *
Capt. Mary M. Ledet
Capt. Steven E. Slagle
Capt. John J. Tatar

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
MAJ Michael A. Koehl (US Army)
MAJ D. McGary (US Army)
MAJ Jeffrey T. Moran (US Army)
MAJ Buckley E. O'Day (US Army)
MAJ Randall L. Rockrohr (US Army)


Master of Science
Capt. Christopher D. Arendt
First Lt. Okan Arslan (Turkey)
Capt. Andrew D. Chaney
Capt. Allen N. Cohen
Capt. Matthew T. Davis
Capt. Andrew J. Geyer
Capt. Timothy W. Holzmann *
Capt. Derek A. Leggio
Maj. Michael K. Miller *
Maj. Robert Nance
Capt. Christopher D. Richards
First Lt. Nebi Sarikaya (Turkey)
Maj. Glen R. Shilland
Capt. Joseph A. Van Kuiken
First Lt. Christina J. Willy
Capt. Frankie L. Woods

Master of Science in Logistics Management
Master Sgt. Joe M. Blackman
First Lt. Ferit Buyukgural (Turkey)
First Lt. Fatih Cebeci (Turkey)
Capt. Min Cheol Cho (Republic of Korea)
First Lt. Caglar Utku Guler (Turkey)
Master Sgt. Theodore K. Heiman
Capt. Craig A. Lane
Lt. Col. Carlos A. Molina (Argentina) *
First Lt. Omer Saglam (Turkey)
Master Sgt. Thomas M. Sprague *
Capt. Brian D. Waller


Master of Science
Tech. Sgt. Timothy W. Batten
Capt. Orlando M. Chaparro (US Marine Corps)
Capt. Eric Cring
First Lt. Fatih Gurbuz (Turkey)
Capt. Robert D. Schmidtgoessling
Capt. Daniel D. Sweeney

Master of Science in Cost Analysis
Capt. Joseph Barnum
Capt. Joseph M. Bauer
Capt. David S. Brown
Capt. William T. Gibson
Capt. Stephen E. Gray
Capt. Juan Guzman
First Lt. Tyler J. Hess *

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Capt. Rebecca S. Brown *
First Lt. John P. Conner *
Capt. Maureen Downen
Capt. Paul Fredin
Capt. Gregory D. Hammond *
Capt. Christopher Ledford
Capt. Sang Lee
Maj. Joseph D. Legradi
Capt. Ferdinand Maldonado
Capt. William Josef McLaughlin III
Capt. Craig E. Mills
Capt. Stephanie J. Mills
Capt. Matthew T. Olson
Capt. Justin Osgood
Capt. Joseph A. Tortella
Capt. Ryan G. Walinski
Capt. Thomas E. Worden

Master of Science in Financial Analysis
Capt. Michael Hickam
Capt. Michael Lebrun
Capt. Elizabeth Trahan
Capt. Chad Woods

Master of Science in Information Resource Management
Master Sgt. Michael A. Fetters
Capt. Erika C. Leach *
Master Sgt. Daphne R. McGill
Mr. Daniel K. Smith
Master Sgt. Daniel Tucker
Maj. Jason A. Vitas

Master of Science in Research and Development Management
Capt. Alex N. Constantine
Capt. Harvey Gaber
Capt. Kristina Lechner
Capt. Gregory Voth
Capt. Steve Yelverton

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Maj. Margaret A. Barker
Maj. Stephen M. Behm
Mr. Larry D. Cotton
LCDR Theodore T. Diamond (US Navy)
Maj. Garry A. Haase
Maj. Adam G. Lenfesty
Capt. Peter C. Mastro *
Capt. Richard L. Orcutt
Maj. Joseph B. Pitzer
Maj. Adam Lee Rutherford
Maj. Jeremy A. Schroeder
Maj. Jonathan B. Taylor *
Maj. Daniel B. Ward
Ms. Jane F. White


Master of Science
Capt. Salvador Aleman
Capt. Christopher Booth
First Lt. Tolga Kutsal (Turkey)
Capt. Garland T. Mobley
Capt. Bryan K. Morgan
Capt. Andrew R. Nye
First Lt. Muzaffer Ozer (Turkey)
First Lt. Ozgur Ozmen (Turkey)
Capt. Javier Rodriguez
Capt. Myeong Kyo Seo (Republic of Korea)
First Lt. Alfred G. Traylor II

Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Capt. Matthew G. Bagg
First Lt. Brook I. Bentley *
Capt. Geofrey S. Cox
First Lt. David H. Curtis
Mr. Joshua M. Darrow
Capt. Shannon M. Farrell
Maj. Iain D. Ferguson
Capt. Paul G. Frisinger
Capt. Jonathan M. Gilbert
LT Jeffrey S. Johnston (US Navy) *
Capt. Jeffrey R. Komives
Capt. Mitchell R. Pohlman
Capt. Marshall M. Rogers
Mr. Austin L. Smith
Mr. Christopher Stevens
Capt. Kathleen M. Sullivan
First Lt. Mustafa Turan (Turkey)

Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering
First Lt. Christopher Carlton
Capt. Brett J. Cooper *
Capt. Armando Deleon
Capt. Cole C. Doupe
Capt. Bryan D. Little
Capt. Chester D. McFarland
LCDR John E. Rotter (US Navy)
Maj. Phillip Sheirich
Mr. Garret M. Willis
Capt. Barry R. Witt

Doctor of Philosophy
Lt. Col. Vanessa Bond
LCDR John W. Carls (US Navy)
LTC Walter Cole (US Army)
Maj. Jason C. Doster
Maj. Jawad Farooq
Maj. Thomas C. Ford
Capt. Matthew Bohdell Garvin
Maj. David R. Hopper
Lt. Col. Patrick D. Kee
Mr. Douglas J. Kelly
Lt. James A. Leinart
Mr. Daniel A. LeMaster
Lt. Col. James A. Louthain
Ms. Amber J. McClung
Maj. Steven C. Oimoen
Mr. Benjamin M. Rodriguez
Maj. June F. Rodriguez
Lt. Col. Christopher D. Stoik
Capt. Michael A. Turnbaugh
Lt. Col. Todd Venema

(In Absentia)

Master of Science
Capt. Min Gook Kim (Republic of Korea)
Capt. Chang Wook Lim (Republic of Korea)

Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Capt. Ryan D. Blake *
Ms. Christine Serianne
Maj. Michael D. Williams

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Capt. Zachary C. Gray
Capt. Lady Noreen Santos

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Maj. John S. Weir

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Capt. Ross E. Dotzlaf
Capt. Jerrod P. McComb

Doctor of Philosophy
Capt. Cody C. Rasmussen

* Denotes Distinguished Graduate