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AMC Chief Scientist discusses S&T challenges for the Air Mobility Command during AFIT visit
Posted Thursday, March 09, 2017


AFIT hosted Dr. Donna Cowell Senft, a Senior Leader Executive and Chief Scientist for Air Mobility Command (AMC) at Scott Air Force Base on 3 February 2017.    She serves as the AMC commander's scientific adviser, providing authoritative scientific counsel, technical advice, and guidance throughout the command on AMC core area technical programs. Dr. Senft also advises on the status of scientific and technical (S& T) quality of AMC, AF and DOD programs and solutions to AMC mission area needs engages subject area experts and conducts efforts leading to the technological enhancement of AMC capabilities. 

Dr. Senft's career has spanned both fundamental and applied research, technology transition to AF and DOD missions, and scientific and technical management. She has performed research in a number of technical fields and is the author of four patents and numerous technical articles in the areas of friction and wear, nanotechnology, spacecraft power, and surface science.

As the air component of the U.S. Transportation Command, AMC is comprised of a Total Force effort to execute Rapid Global Mobility and enable Global Reach - the ability to respond anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. This is accomplished through AMC's four core mission areas - Airlift, Air Refueling, Air Mobility Support and Aeromedical Evacuation. AMC also provides support to the nuclear enterprise.

During her visit, Dr. Senft presented a seminar on the S& T challenges for AMC.  She discussed a wide variety of topics including: S& T for future Rapid Global Mobility, Affordable Sustainment, Additive Manufacturing, Joint Biological Agent Decontamination System, Fuel Efficiency, Improved Man-Machine Cooperation/Autonomy, Anti-Access Technologies, Positioning, Navigation, and Timing technologies, and Secure Global Communications.

Lt Col Jason Anderson, Assistant Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management commented, " It was a great opportunity for our students and faculty to interact with Dr. Senft. The work across AFIT, and especially in the Operational Sciences department and the logistics division, is extremely relevant to the Air Force's mobility mission. So, it was great to showcase the research being done in the department and get feedback as to how we can further meet AMC's needs."

" Dr. Sneft's visit was a wonderful opportunity and AFIT will continue this type of engagement with our stakeholders to shape our research and education to be relevant and responsive," stated Dr. Sivaguru Sritharan, AFIT's Provost and Vice Chancellor.