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AFIT Intern helps NASA prepare for deep space exploration
Posted Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Matthew Russell, a senior at Liberty University and previous AFIT intern with AFIT's Center for Cyber Research, is currently interning at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, working with a spacecraft software development team as it supports the forthcoming Orion Ascent Abort 2 mission, an unmanned launch slated for 2019.

In the article published by Liberty University, Russell discusses his time at AFIT.  “I was able to develop some computer models that were going to help simulate a new type of quantum cryptography system,” Russell said of the AFIT internship, explaining that quantum cryptography involves the use of individual photons of light to create a secure password generation system for communications. His models have future applications in areas requiring the highest level of security, including government, military, and banking. Russell compiled a poster presentation of his research, which was shared at the annual QCrypt Conference last fall. That research is also being published in a conference paper.

Read the full article by Drew Menard/Liberty University News Service here.