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AFIT Faculty Receive AFA Sponsored Awards
Posted Friday, April 06, 2018


During a ceremony on 4 April 2018, four AFIT faculty members received awards sponsored by the Wright Memorial Chapter 212 of the Air Force Association.  Pictured from left to right are Col Don Ohlemacher, Dean, AFIT Civil Engineer School, Mr. Richard Sugarman, Gage H. Crocker Award winner, Capt Jason Hernandez, Colonel Charles A. Stone Award winner, Capt Josh Dill, Professor Ezra Kotcher Award winner, and Mr. Kent Shin, President, Wright Memorial Chapter 212, Air Force Association.

Mr. Tom Glardon received the General Bernard A. Schriever Award.  This award is given in recognition of a person who advances aerospace power, technology, doctrine, or the Air Force as a profession.   Mr. Glardon is an Instructor of Engineering Management within AFIT’s Civil Engineer School.  In 2017, Mr. Glardon developed and launched the Air Force’s first-ever construction cost estimating certification course in response to Government Accountability Office audits. He developed 24 hours of new material and led a grueling 17-week worldwide initial roadshow that reached 433 students at 11 sites.  His new curriculum prevents $225M in annual cost overruns and earned him a position as one of only two Air Force representatives on the Tri-Service Group Cost Certification Board.

Capt Josh Dill received the Professor Ezra Kotcher Award.  This award is given to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to curriculum development within AFIT.  Capt Dill is a Mechanical Systems Instructor and Course Director within AFIT’s Civil Engineer School.  In 2017, Capt Dill authored the Air Force’s first ever scoping and estimating course in response to Government Accountability Office audits.  He developed 16 hours of new curriculum delivered to 175 engineers across 53 installations.  His course provides the educational solution to $225M in annual cost overruns on a $1.5B annual construction program. He further co-authored the Air Force’s only heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning controls course, enabling $2.6M in annual energy savings.

Capt Jason Hernandez received the Colonel Charles A. Stone Award.  This award is given to recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions to furthering the AFIT mission.  Emphasis is on new and innovative efforts or approaches, involving demonstrated personal leadership.  Capt Hernandez is a Pavements and Geotechnical Engineering Instructor within AFIT’s Civil Engineer School.  In 2017, as a member of the Department of Defense Tri-Service Pavement Working Group, Capt Hernandez updated the unified guide specifications with joint airfield pavement engineers guiding a $404 million Air Force pavement program.  Additionally, he established a relationship between AFIT and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center by co-authoring a report now used as a space defense training tool for multi-domain command and control.

Mr. Richard Sugarman received the Gage H. Crocker Award.  This award is presented to the individual who made the most significant contribution to the AFIT mission during the previous year.  Evidence of excellence in teaching, curriculum development, educational innovation, consulting, research, mentoring and any other achievements which enhance or contribute to maintaining the excellence of AFIT’s academic programs shall be collectively considered.  Mr. Sugarman is the Head of the Department of Software and Systems Engineering Management within AFIT’s School of Systems and Logistics.  In 2017, Mr. Sugarman led a team of 30 military, civilian, and contractor faculty members teaching a portfolio of over 50 technical professional continuing education courses, graduating more than 4,000 students annually.  He is also an acknowledged subject matter expert in the field of risk management, and teaches and presents nationally on risk management and systems engineering.