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AFIT’s Center for Space Research and Assurance to Host Open House
Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018


A research assistant from the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Center for Space Research and Assurance assembles a satellite chassis in the CSRA’s clean room.  CSRA students will learn Space Vehicle Design by integrating the chassis with a research payload, subjecting it to vibration and thermal-vacuum tests to predict whether it will survive the harsh environment during launch and on orbit

The Air Force Institute of Technology’s Center for Space Research and Assurance will host an open house at AFIT’s Squier Hall Atrium, Bldg 646, July 17 – 18, 2018.  Times are 1000-1200, Tuesday, July 17, and 1200-1400, Wednesday, July 18.  Students interested in pursuing Engineering and Management graduate degrees are encouraged to attend.

“One of the greatest benefits of an AFIT graduate degree is the ‘hands-on’ opportunity to study and work with research directly related to Air Force and Department of Defense missions,” said Lt Col Kirk Johnson, deputy director of the CSRA. 

“Students work with our Center from a wide variety of academic fields, such as aerospace, electrical and systems engineering, physics, computer science and operations research,” said Johnson.  “We build satellites and advanced space sensors, execute cutting-edge modeling and simulation on supercomputers, study new ways of operating in a contested space environment and much more.”

The purpose of the open house is to showcase AFIT and the CSRA to members of the Wright-Patterson AFB community who are qualified to pursue a graduate degree and interested in the space domain.

“This is a great time to pursue an advanced degree related to space.  Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. Heather Wilson is emphasizing the importance of developing leaders within our workforce and finding innovative ways to accomplish our mission in space,” said Johnson.

To register for the open house, please contact Jaclyn Knapp at 937-255-6565 extension 4753 or email

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