AFIT graduates 234 masters and doctoral STEM students

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2019


88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs / Published March 27, 2019 on the WPAFB News Site

Gen. David L. Goldfein, U.S. Air Force chief of staff, gives the commencement address at the Air Force Institute of Technology graduation ceremony March 21, 2019, in the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Graduates earned a total of 214 Master of Science degrees and 20 Doctor of Philosophy degrees, which were presented during the ceremony. (U.S. Air Force photo by R.J. Oriez)

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The Air Force Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering and Management awarded 234 advanced degrees at the National Museum of the United States Air Force March 21.

The graduating class included 203 Air Force officers, two Air Force non-commissioned officers, eight Army officers, two Marine Corps officers, and 15 civilians. The school also graduated three international students from Australia and Brazil.

The Graduate School awarded 214 master’s degrees and 20 doctorate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math fields. One graduate received dual master’s degrees.

AFIT’s Director and Chancellor, Dr. Todd Stewart, challenged the new alumni to use what they have learned to help solve some of the tough challenges facing the Air Force today.

“Your effectiveness in actually applying what you have learned will reflect on both you and on AFIT,” said Stewart. “I am confident that your AFIT graduate program has prepared you very well to make important contributions to our Air Force and its partners.”

Gen. David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the USAF was the guest speaker for the graduation ceremonies.

Goldfein said the evening celebrated the newest graduates of the service’s epicenter of advanced technical education, who will carry the torch handed to them by the giants of AFIT’s storied history and long blue line.

“Joint warfighting excellence requires continued innovation with equal parts challenge and opportunity, and our challenge is figuring out which technology is the best fit,” said Goldfein. “To incubate the most promising innovations, fostering those ideas and integrating them for the best effect at the speed of relevance. So our nation is going to look to you as the thought leaders for us to prepare and help solve our nation’s toughest challenges.”

AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management is a research–based institution offering graduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in engineering, applied science and selected areas of management.  The school’s mission is to provide high-quality graduate education programs and engage in research activities that enable the Air Force to maintain its scientific and technological dominance.

This year marks AFIT’s 100th anniversary. More than 19,760 masters and 855 doctoral degrees have been awarded since AFIT was first granted accredited resident degrees. To help celebrate the centennial year, a proclamation from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was read congratulating AFIT on its anniversary stating that Ohio “is indebted to the graduates, the faculty, and the staff of AFIT, who have served tirelessly to educate and innovate over the last century in building America’s airpower.”

Select students were presented awards for their exemplary performance during their graduate studies during an awards ceremony earlier in the day at AFIT. The awards presented were:

  • Capt. Dawn Sanderson from the Mathematics and Statistics Department was presented the Chancellor’s Award for demonstrating the most exceptional individual master’s thesis research.  
  • Capt. Nicholas Quartemont from the Engineering Physics Department received the Mervin E. Gross Award for his exceptional academic achievement and high qualities of character, initiative, and leadership. The award is named in honor of Brig. Gen. Mervin E. Gross, first commandant of the institute.
  • Capt. William Dallmann from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department received the Louis F. Polk Award.  The winner of this award exhibited the highest standards of academic and professional accomplishment and through their research made a significant contribution toward strengthening the nation’s industrial defense base.
  • Capt. Ashlee Ellis, from the Systems Engineering and Management Department received the Edwin E. Aldrin Sr. Award, presented for displaying the most exceptional leadership characteristics while in the graduate program.
  • Master Sgt. Karen Harris from the Operational Sciences Department received the Secretary James G. Roche Award for demonstrating exceptional academic achievement through a combination of grade point average and outstanding research, as well as high qualities of character, initiative, leadership and service.

The following students have met all degree requirements and have been approved for the designated degree (in bold):

Doctor of Philosophy

Aeronautical Engineering
Maj. Brian Thomas Bohan**
Maj. Christopher Christie Olsen**
Maj. Matthew Joseph Schwaab**
Lt. Col. Michael D. Zollars**

Applied Mathematics
Maj. Dana Morrill**
Maj. Beau A. Nunnally**

Applied Physics
Maj. Bryan Adomanis**
Capt. Elizabeth Marie Scherrer

Computer Science
Maj. Richard Dill**
CPT. Brent Jackson Stone (US Army)**

Electrical Engineering
Capt. Joseph A. Curro II**
Lt. Col. Joshua C. Egan**
Mr. Aaron S. Evers
Mr. Alexander Graham Knisely**

Materials Science
Maj. Ryan A. Kemnitz**

Nuclear Engineering
Capt. Michael Alan Ford**

Operations Research
CPT. Alexander G. Kline (US Army)**

Optical Science and Engineering
Mr. Mason D. Paulec**

Space Systems
Capt. Eric Reed Prince**

Systems Engineering
Maj. Ryan David Lukens Engle**

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
2d Lt. Horatio J. Babcock
Capt. Scott A. Boller*
Capt. Patrick Michael Callaghan
Capt. James Carpenter
2d Lt. Anthony Michael Ciccarello
1st Lt. Tara E. Crouch
2d Lt. Kenneth Michael Ehrenberg
Capt. Kenneth C. Gahan*
Capt. Dustin Patrick Graves
Capt. Erin Margaret Hager
Capt. Grant Robert Johnson
1st Lt. Casey Martin Keilbarth
2d Lt. David A. LaBuda
2d Lt. Avery William Leonard
Capt. Alexander R. Lesieur
Capt. Michael Aneglo Macchia
Capt. Luke J. McNamara
1st Lt. Evan P. Oren**
Maj. Daniel J Prudhomme
Capt. Justin A. Pung
Capt. Tylor C. Rathsack
Capt. Juan Austin Rivera
Capt. John Joseph Runco
2d Lt. Ryan Grier Saunders
2d Lt. Kyra Louise Schmidt
2d Lt. David Michael Shald
Capt. Ryan James Thompson
2d Lt. Zane Aaron Willburn
Capt. Paul B. Wilson

Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering
Capt. Jaime M. Badui
2d Lt. Christian M. Chavez
Mrs. Tiffany Danielle Musholt Cole**
1st Lt. Samuel Thomas Crouch
Capt. Charles J. Garlisi
2d Lt. Sunderlin Jackson*
2d Lt. Matthew Jacob Krott
2d Lt. Megan Nicole Maikell
2d Lt. Mark R. Mercier
Ms. Destiny Beatrice Tomlin**
2nd Lt. Talon Ayres Townley
1st Lt. Jeremiah M. Webb

Master of Science in Materials Science
Maj. Megan Lynn Harkins
Capt. Charles Connor Hohnbaum
1st Lt. James C. O'Keefe
Capt. Tyler A. Wallis

Master of Science in Space Systems
Capt. Cole George*

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Capt. Marcus A. Catchpole
Capt. Luis Alberto Cintron*
Capt. Frankie Antonio Cruz
Capt. William E. Dallmann*
2d Lt. Matthew Alexander Grimm
2d Lt. Kenneth Landon Hacker

Master of Science in Computer Science
2d Lt. Christian Michael Alexander Arnold
Capt. Andrew Charles Gorospe
Capt. Kyung Min Kim
1st Lt. Ian McQuaid
Capt. Daryl William Schmitt
Capt. Yong U. Sinn
2d Lt. Landon George Miley Tomcho

Master of Science in Cyber Operations
1st Lt. Nikolai Aleksandrovitch Adderley
Capt. Angelito Espedido Aragon
Capt. Clint M. Bramlette
Capt. Senobio Vladimir Chavez
Mr. Ryan D. Harris
2d Lt. Kenneth James
Maj. Justin D. Kulm
Capt. Rocco Francis Librandi
Capt. Seth A. Martin
Capt. Joshua K. Mosby
2d Lt. Lukas Adam Stafira*
Capt. Micah Villarreal*

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
1st Lt. Taylor Shiloh Barber
Capt. David William Beargie
Capt. J. Mark Berhold
1st Lt. Brandon Neil Boggs
Mr. Andrew D. Braun
2d Lt. John M. Carboni
Capt. Nicholas Scott Chiaratti
Capt. Lucas J. Clelland
Capt. Michael Taro Dela Cruz
Capt. Nicholas David Everett
Mr. Fernando D. Fernandez
2d Lt. Enoc Flores
Capt. Graig S. Ganitano*
Capt. Avian Hughes
2d Lt. Brooke E. Johnson
Capt. Rahn Matthew Lassiter
1st Lt. Taylor Nelson Lee
2d Lt. Paul Lee Joseph Michaud
Capt. Michael Floyd Milton, Jr.
Capt. Madison John Montgomery
2d Lt. Edwin Alexander Mora
Capt. Kaleb James Nelson
Flight Lieutenant Aileen Nundu (Australia)
Capt. Jennifer Nina Ramos
2d Lt. Nathaniel J. Raquet
Capt. Tory Emerson Robinson
Capt. Jonathan W. Smith
Maj. Forrest D. Taylor
2d Lt. Blaine Z. Underwood
2d Lt. George C. Underwood
Flight Lieutenant Christopher Vergara (Australia)
2nd Lt. Patrick J. Wasz

Department of Engineering Physics

Master of Science in Applied Physics
Capt. Kevin K. Choe
Mr. James Allen Ethridge
Capt. Joshua Y. Gooch
2d Lt. Will Dupuy Johnston
Capt. Davin Mao
Maj. Brian J. McReynolds
2d Lt. Eric Koji Nagamine
Capt. Joseph F. Round
2d Lt. Sophia G. Schwalbe
1st Lt. Scott Sarver Wolfmeyer

Master of Science in Atmospheric Sciences
Capt. Daniel Warren Bazemore
1st Lt. William Alden Hanson
1st Lt. Daniel O. Katuzienski
Capt. Amanda Mundell Nelson
Capt. Casey L. Zoellick*

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
2nd Lt. Bryan Vincent Egner
Capt. Amy Christine Hall
Capt. Nicholas J. Quartemont*
Mr. Robert S. Torzilli

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
2d Lt. Kevin J. Lin
Capt. Kevin Sean Pamilagas
Capt. Dawn L Sanderson
2d Lt. Courtney Anne Schmitt*

Department of Operational Sciences

Master of Science in Logistics
Capt. Douglas M. Brown
Lt. Col. Terrence Raymon Kilgore
Capt. Michael P. McFadden

Master of Science in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Capt. Parker H. Alford
Capt. Randall E. Davis Jr.*
Maj. Andrew Vincent Gill
Capt. Nicholas L. Green
MSgt Karen Yvette Harris
Capt. Terry R. Hebert Jr.
SMSgt Richard B. Keesling
Capt. Heston John Lubiano
Capitão Luciana Mesquita Monteiro (Brazil)
Capt. Keisha Annlouise Meyer
Capt. Talon M. Pope

Master of Science in Operations Research
1st Lt. Jade Frances Baker
2d Lt. Nathanael R. Beveridge*
2d Lt. Lauren Marie Bramblett
1st Lt. Jennifer A. Buck
Capt. Steven Hyunjin Chon
Capt. Samuel T. Clemens
Capt. Kanit Dararutana
Capt. Alec Sheldon Ferguson
Capt. Erika Elizabeth Gilts
2d Lt. Sarah A. Gold
Capt. Zachary T. Hornberger
2d Lt. Michael S. Hughes
2d Lt. Dylan Allan Hyder
1st Lt. Petar Danilo Jackovich
2d Lt. Zachary John Kane
CPT. George Adam Kilgore (US Army)
MAJ. Bryan Michael Kolano (US Army)
Capt. Michael Thomas Larkin
Mr. Matthew Christopher Ledwith*
Capt. Jocelin S. Maus
Mr. Gordon Michael McClure**
MAJ. Curtis Baxter Nelson (US Army)
MAJ. Zachary A. Novitske (US Army)
Ms. Michaela Ann Pendergrass
2d Lt. Brendon Tyler Sands
CPT. John Andrew Schlicht (US Army)
2d Lt. Dominick Valentino Speranza III
2d Lt. Troy Joseph St. Peter*
Capt. Ryan B. Walton
CPT. Marydell Violet Westman (US Army)

Department of Systems Engineering and Management

Master of Engineering in Applied Systems Engineering
1st Lt. William Ryan Bumgardner
1st Lt. Christopher Raymond Thompson

Master of Science in Cost Analysis
Capt. Emily E. Angell*
Capt. Jerry Leonard Baker
Capt. Benjamin J. Bonenfant
Capt. Loyd Alan Bradley, Jr.
Capt. Christopher J. Elworth
1st Lt. Trevor Adam Enos
Capt. Seth Andrew Kline
Capt. Matthew Ryan Markman
Capt. Sara Kirsten O'Connor
Capt. Robert E. Tyson, Jr.

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Capt. Cody J. Beemer*
Capt. William Christopher Berner
Capt. Lukas Alan Cowen
Maj. Branden D. DeLong
Capt. Ashlee Nicole Ellis
Capt. Joshua Ryan Glass
Capt. Austin Reid Hayes
2d Lt. Parker Alan Hines
1st Lt. Christine Jestice
Capt. Ramoane E. Jordan Jr.
Capt. Theodore Joseph Labedz
Capt. Katie L. MacGregor
Capt. Jose Eloy Martinez Sanchez
2d Lt. Christil Kalena Lyn Pasion
Capt. Timothy D. Plourde
Capt. Theodore A. Rask
Maj. Robert Heyward Shuler
Capt. Zachary John Spranger
Capt. James C. Tyhurst

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering & Science
Capt. David James Chester (US Marine Corps)*
Capt. Philicia Geiser (Dual Degree)
Capt. Travis Eugene McWhirter (US Marine Corps)

Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene
Capt. Philicia Geiser (Dual Degree)

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
1st Lt. David James Canzonetta*
Capt. Corey A. Combs
Mr. Kyle Allen Flenar**
Capt. Frederick D. Hertwig
1st Lt. Patrick J. Kelly IV
2d Lt. Andrew Stephen LeValley
Ms. Rae Jean Eileen May**
Capt. Jonathan D. Poole
Capt. Alberto Sigala

*Distinguished Graduate
** Graduated earlier in the academic year and returned to participate in the ceremony


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