AFIT’s School of Systems and Logistics Honors the Newest Demidovich Award Recipient

Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2019


During a ceremony on 8 Aug 2019, the Air Force Institute of Technology’s School of Systems and Logistics (LS) presented Mr. Eric Glover with the John W. Demidovich Award.  Established in 1989, the Demidovich Award is the highest honor that the LS faculty can bestow upon its members.  It recognizes outstanding ability and service sustained throughout an individual’s tenure at the School.  Mr. Glover is the 17th recipient of the award. 

Mr. Eric Glover is Head of the Data Sciences Team leading a team of seven military, civilian and contractor faculty members teaching a continuum of technical professional continuing education courses in data science, graduating more than 1,500 students annually. 

“Eric is providing cutting edge data science education that is molding Air Force warriors capable of adapting to any contingency,” said Col Troy Koepnick, Dean, School of Systems and Logistics.  “He and his fellow winners are proven educators. They are leading our faculty to think into the future as we implement competency based education across the Air Force!”

Glover joined the AFIT faculty in 2011 teaching Industrial Maintenance Management where he led a team to create a series of courses that became the backbone for the AF Professional Maintenance Certification and Logistics Professional Development Programs.  He consulted for the Secretary of the Air Force Inspector General to revamp the AF Inspection System resulting in the development of courses for AF inspectors and senior leaders. These courses became the underpinning for the new AF Inspection System.  Glover was also handpicked to explore the current data science acumen of the AF and develop curriculum to fill knowledge and skill gaps within this field and ultimately change the AF to a more data driven culture.

Glover’s education includes a Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Information Technology Management, Graduate Certificates in Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Business Intelligence. He is a member of the Air Force Data Panel and AF Data Architecture Working Group.  Additionally, he is a member of the National Logistics Officer Association (LOA) and presents annually at LOA University.


The Demidovich Award’s namesake, Dr. John W. Demidovich, was the model, professional continuing education, faculty member.  Serving on the School’s faculty from 1965 - 1986 as both a military and a civilian member, he established an unparalleled record of achievement in all areas of faculty endeavor. He was best known as a dynamic lecturer and speaker, a champion of new educational methods and technology, and was actively involved in pioneering distance learning efforts at the school.  He was internationally known as a proponent of creativity, both in the classroom and in the workplace, and led innumerable seminars and classes aimed at spurring students to new ways of problem solving and new pathways of thought.  Dr. Demidovich was an active mentor to a whole generation of faculty.  Dr. Demidovich passed away in 1987, but his mark is indelibly embossed on everything done in the School of Systems and Logistics to this day.

The Demidovich Award isn’t presented annually; it is given only when a faculty member has proven that he or she has met the standards of excellence personified by Dr. Demidovich.  The award honors excellence in teaching foremost, but also excellence in creativity, curriculum development, finding new and better ways to reach students, and, finally, excellence in the myriad of endeavors that delineate a truly professional faculty member.  Demidovich award winners aren’t just the school’s best teachers; they are members of a rather exclusive club to whom others look for leadership, assistance, mentoring, and vision.  They are those recognized by their peers as the best of the best.  Previous Demidovich Award winners include:
• Virgil Rehg (1989)
• Douglas Goetz (1990)
• Gregory Garrett (1992)
• Dennis Campbell (1994)
• Carl Hayden (1995)
• Dennis Dragich (1996)
• Steven Malashevitz (1997)
• John Paciorek (1998)
• John Reisner (2003)
• Mark Caudle (2005)
• Paul Joyce (2008)
• Charles Youther (2010)
• Steven Glazewski (2012)
• Jerry Stonecipher (2013)
• Mike Mowry (2015)
• Richard Sugarman (2018)


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