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Joint Professional Continuing Education: Preparing Today’s Joint Logistician
The US Army Logistics Management College based at Fort Lee, Virginia, and AFIT’s School of Systems and Logistics work together to provide integrated Professional Continuing Education to help bridge the gap between the services.
Updated: 04/03/2009
AFIT Study Briefed to Senior Leaders
Maj Andrew “Rip” Lipina, an AFIT IDE student in ENS, gave a briefing to senior leaders on a study that analyzed combat mission readiness (CMR) data. He had conducted the study under the direction of his research advisor, Maj Shay Capehart from ENC.
Updated: 04/03/2009
Korea National Defense University Professor Arrives at AFIT
Republic of Korea Air Force Colonel Sungpyo Hong arrived at AFIT in February 2009 to begin a one-year sabbatical visit. Colonel Hong is being hosted by the Department of Systems and Engineering Management. While at AFIT, Colonel Hong hopes to conduct research and collaborate in the areas of national crisis management strategy and issues of the US - Republic of Korea (ROK) alliance.
Updated: 03/05/2009
AFIT/CE establishes real-time theater information sharing for airmen preparing to deploy
Last year, the school introduced WESS 300 Civil Engineer Deployed Experience Seminar to create a virtual forum where deployed engineers can share real-time deployment information with students about their respective deployments.
Updated: 03/04/2009
AFIT/LS Conducts Sustainment Curriculum Portfolio Program Review
The Sustainment Curriculum Portfolio Program Management Team acts as the primary focal points for the development, implementation, deployment and execution of a comprehensive digital storage and retrieval system of USAF sustainment and logistics education and training.
Updated: 03/04/2009
Two AFIT leaders edit Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering
Dr. Adedeji Badiru, professor and head of AFIT/ENV, and Dr. Marlin Thomas, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, are the editors of the newly published Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering. It presents a collection of chapters on the applications of the tools and techniques of Industrial Engineering to various aspects of military operations.
Updated: 03/04/2009
AFIT students selected for DARPA intern program
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency internship is a fully-funded Service Chiefs program that includes a 90 day TDY to DARPA and subsequent travel nationally to particular areas of interest.
Updated: 03/04/2009
AFIT/ENP welcomes new department head
Dr. Nancy Giles joined the department on 5 January and is "looking forward to working closely with the faculty and students in the Engineering Physics Department at AFIT as we meet the challenges of increasing our enrollments and our research funding, while maintaining our level of teaching excellence in serving the AF mission."
Updated: 02/04/2009
AFIT takes on first Force Support Combined Contingency courses
In addition to educating EFSS Commanders, Deputies, and Superintendents, CESS hosted newly designed contingency courses for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Equal Opportunity, and Airman and Family Readiness Center deployers.
Updated: 02/04/2009
Air Force Fundamentals of Acquisition Management class in high demand
Special funds set aside by Congress in the FY08 National Defense Authorization Act to enhance the DoD acquisition workforce will increase AFIT/LS's student throughput in the Air Force Fundamentals of Acquisition Management course by at least 240 students per year for the foreseeable future.
Updated: 02/03/2009
New book explores risk of cyber attacks
Attacks on personal, government and business networks are increasing, according to Rusty Baldwin, associate director of the Center for Cyberspace Research, part of the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Many attacks are automated, rather than backed by a human operator.
Updated: 01/26/2009
AFIT announces annual awards winners
2008 has come and gone and has proven to be another productive year for Team AFIT. Recently, the best of the best of our personnel competed for the AFIT annual awards. The competition was close and the accomplishments were many! Congratulations to all of our winners.
Updated: 01/13/2009
Department of Operational Sciences announces new graduate certificate programs
The Department of Operational Sciences (AFIT/ENS) is proud to announce two new graduate certificate programs: the Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and the Test and Evaluation Certificate Program. These programs are being offered via distance learning and begin Winter Quarter 2009.
Updated: 01/09/2009
AFIT/LS plays important role in formalization of Air Force Life Cycle Risk Management process
The School’s involvement in the development of the new Life Cycle Risk Management guidance will translate into PCE course updates that ensure Air Force acquisition professionals are equipped to apply a standardized LCRM process throughout the life cycle of an acquisition program.
Updated: 01/06/2009
2 ENY Students win Best Presentation Awards
Capt. Brett Cooper and Mr. William Karasz from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management were recently selected for Best Presentation Awards at the 4th Annual Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium.
Updated: 12/18/2008
AFIT student receives “Best Paper” award
CCR student Capt. Cory Antosh, who presented at the 1st Annual Workshop on Information and Data Assurance, won the “Best Paper” award for his paper entitled “The Scalability of Secure Lock.”
Updated: 12/12/2008
AFIT student receives “Best Presentation in Computer Sciences” award
Maj. Karl Schrader won the “Best Presentation in Computer Sciences” award at the 4th Annual Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium for his presentation entitled “A Novel Methodology for Detecting and Tracking Contraband Digital Files Transmitted Via the BitTorrent Peer-to-Peer Protocol.”
Updated: 12/05/2008
Strategic Thinking for Enlisted Civil Engineers
The creation of MGT 570 Civil Engineer Superintendents Course is just one way CE SNCOs rose to meet the challenge of taking on more responsibility--leading shops, elements, and even flights outside of their realm of experience.
Updated: 12/03/2008
Possible Expansion Coming to AFIT’s Mission Ready Contracting Officer’s (MRCO) Course
The success of MRCO has exceeded all original expectations. What was intended to be the formal initial skills course for only Air Force officers has evolved into the premier and preferred training source for all Air Force contracting professionals, military and civilian.
Updated: 12/03/2008
Gen. Lorenz, AETC Commander, visits AFIT
The ability to build powerful interpersonal synergy and leverage is critical to success, both personally and professionally. Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz, Commander, Air Education and Training Command, reiterated this message at the Air Force Institute of Technology during his visit as part of his outreach effort to speak, and listen, to all the communities of his AETC command.
Updated: 12/03/2008
AFIT Dean for Research receives Meritorious Civilian Service Award
The Air Force Institute of Technology is very proud to announce that Dr. Heidi R. Ries, Dean for Research at the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award. Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz, Commander, Air Education and Training Command, presented the award while he was at AFIT for a visit on 21 November.
Updated: 12/03/2008
AFIT/ENV is Part of New University Affiliated Research Center in Systems Engineering
AFIT, through the AF Center for Systems Engineering, was invited by Stevens Institute to join the team they were assembling for the then-proposed SE UARC. AFIT, and in particular the Systems and Engineering Management Department (ENV), provides a valuable piece to the overall makeup of the UARC.
Updated: 11/20/2008
AFIT’s Dean for Research involved locally, beyond
AFIT is one of four institutions forming the LEADER Consortium, working to analyze the climate for women in STEM fields. The LEADER project is a continuation of Dr. Ries’ efforts to promote science education and research collaboration throughout her career.
Updated: 11/05/2008
AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School closes out another successful year!
The faculty and staff of the Civil Engineer and Services School continue to keep the curriculum responsive by listening closely to our customers in order to meet the needs of the Department of Defense and the nation that we serve.
Updated: 11/05/2008
AFIT participates in the 2008 Logistics Officer Association Conference
AFIT’s School of Systems and Logistics and Graduate School of Engineering and Management once again hosted a booth at the Logistics Officer Association conference to provide information and answer questions regarding all AFIT logistics educational opportunities.
Updated: 11/05/2008