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AFIT Alum Selected to Command the Final Scheduled Space Shuttle Mission
Veteran shuttle commander and retired Air Force Col. Steven W. Lindsey, who earned a M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from AFIT in 1990, will command the eight-day mission, designated STS-133.
Updated: 09/29/2009
Science, technology awards recognize AF's sharpest minds
More than 30 top scientists and research teams were honored at the Air Force Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Awards banquet.
Updated: 09/29/2009
AFIT Center Maintains Robust Undergraduate Research Capability
AFIT's Center for Directed Energy had great success with its undergraduate research assistant program and Directed Energy Summer Intern program. The 2009 CDE research assistants and summer interns proved to be yet another high caliber and ambitious group of individuals.
Updated: 09/15/2009
Laser Weapon Systems Short Course to be Offered at AFIT
The Center for Directed Energy (CDE) at AFIT, in conjunction with the Directed Energy Professional Society, will offer the Laser Weapon Systems Short Course at the AFIT from 26-30 October 2009.
Updated: 08/31/2009
AFIT Alum to Pilot Space Shuttle Mission to the International Space Station
Kevin A. Ford is the 13th AFIT alum to become an astronaut. Ford, 49, will pilot the Space Shuttle Discovery to deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station in late August 2009.
Updated: 08/20/2009
AFIT School Honors Its Own
AFIT’s School of Systems and Logistics presented the John W. Demidovich Award, its highest honor, to faculty member Paul Joyce on 5 August 2009.
Updated: 08/18/2009
AFIT’s Center for Cyberspace Research Awarded a $2.1 Million National Science Foundation Cyber Education Grant
The Center for Cyberspace Research at AFIT has been awarded a renewal grant in the amount of $2.1 M to continue its successful Scholarship for Service fellowship program that recruits and educates talented civilians to work for federal, state, or local governments on cyber security issues.
Updated: 08/18/2009
Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering Picked as Book of the Month
The handbook of Military Industrial Engineering, edited by two Air Force Institute of Technology professors, Dr. Adedeji Badiru and Dr. Marlin Thomas, was picked as Book of the Month for August 2009 by the Industrial Engineering magazine.
Updated: 08/14/2009
Clarifying the Government-Contractor Relationship
AFIT is like any other military installation—it must work to keep the roles of military members, civilian employees, and contractor employees distinguishable at all times. The most important thing to remember is that contractor employees are not federal employees.
Updated: 08/06/2009
INSPIRE: Integration of a Sensor Package for Identification Radical Extremists
AFIT's CTISR is part of a team researching an inexpensive suicide bomber vetting system that can be used to screen individuals approaching a checkpoint while the individual is still 500 to 1,000 feet from the checkpoint. The team is investigating video derived gait characteristics that are associated with an individual carrying a bomb on his or her body.
Updated: 08/06/2009
Revitalizing the AFFAM Course
In December 2008, the faculty team responsible for AFFAM met to discuss the current status of the course and to plan improvements. The team overhauled the course content to reflect the most current DoD and Air Force acquisition guidance. In all, approximately 24 hours of group exercises and applications have been added to the course, with no impact to overall course length and minimal changes to course lesson objectives.
Updated: 08/06/2009
ENP/CDE Published in the Air and Space Power Journal
Dr. Steven Fiorino and Rick Bartell of the Center for Directed Energy and AFIT graduate Maj. D. Narcisse published an article, “Optimizing the Effectiveness of Directed Energy Weapons with Specialized Weather Support,” in the Air and Space Power Journal. The piece outlines the critical importance of technical weather impacts on future directed energy weapon engagements.
Updated: 08/06/2009
The Civil Engineer School’s Outreach may affect the Future of our Nation’s Power Grid
Capt. Bryan J. Cooper, electrical instructor at The Civil Engineer School at AFIT, is the Executive Secretary and one of two sitting members representing the DOD on the Electric Grid Vulnerability Task Force.
Updated: 08/06/2009
AFIT student assembles operational satellite in less than two hours
Capt. Lisa Baghal, a master’s student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Air Force Institute of Technology, is principle investigator for the rapid construction of an operational satellite. She is conducting this research as part of her thesis work.
Updated: 07/16/2009
AFIT Center for Cyberspace Research Distinguished Review Board, Board of Advisors meet at United States Air Force Academy
On May 19, 2009, AFIT CCR held its semi-annual DRB and BoA meeting at USAFA. The presiding official was Maj. Gen. John Maluda, Director, Cyberspace Transformation and Strategy, Secretary of the Air Force Office of Warfighting Integration.
Updated: 07/06/2009
AFIT and Center for Cyberspace Research designated NSA Research Center of Excellence
The National Security Agency has designated the Air Force Institute of Technology Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR) as a National Center of Excellence in Research for academic years 2009-2014. CCR Associate Director Dr. Rusty Baldwin accepted the award on behalf of AFIT.
Updated: 07/06/2009
AFIT-developed software protection technology prevents the infection of malware
Cutting edge software protection technology, developed at CCR, is being transitioned to the Air Force Information Operations Center. The new technology, named ESCAPE, was developed to automate the detection and prevention of malicious code such as worms, viruses, exploits, and other malware.
Updated: 07/06/2009
Stress no excuse for illegal actions
While many students here at AFIT can commiserate with the stress a master’s or doctoral program can bring, few turn to theft as a means to an end. As First Lt. Michael O. Clark’s attorney cited during his recent General Courts-Martial, mental duress was enough to convince him that larceny was an excusable offense.
Updated: 07/06/2009
On-Site Environmental Education Support
Last year, instructors from the Department of Environmental Management at AFIT’s Civil Engineer School taught 47 course and seminar offerings to 797 students. The Department attempts to accommodate overseas students by providing traveling instructors for key courses.
Updated: 07/06/2009
AFIT Graduates Class of June 2009
Fifty-six scientists, engineers, and management specialists are the recipients of graduate and doctoral degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology. AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its June 2009 graduation ceremony Thursday, 18 June, in the institute’s Kenney Auditorium. The graduating class was awarded 55 master’s degrees and one doctorate.
Updated: 06/19/2009
Five AFIT Alumni Win AFMC Awards
Recently the Air Force Materiel Command recognized 26 AFMC Science, Engineering and Technical Management award winners for their accomplishments in 2008. Award recipients included five AFIT alumni.
Updated: 06/17/2009
AFIT-developed computer code makes transition to the intelligence community
Capt. Robert Johnson’s (March 08 ENS grad) AutoGad code was used as a part of an analysis software suite developed at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center to support the R&D system, TacSat-3. Successfully launched on May 19, 2009, the Tactical Satellite-3 spacecraft features an onboard processor.
Updated: 06/03/2009
AFIT Graduate Receives Award
Air Force Institute of Technology alumnus Dr. Harwood Hegna recently received the Cedarville University (Ohio) Faculty Advisor Award.
Updated: 05/08/2009
AFIT Graduate Receives Award
Air Force Institute of Technology alumnus Dr. Harwood Hegna recently received the Cedarville University (Ohio) Faculty Advisor Award.
Updated: 05/08/2009
AFIT/AFRL library dedicated as The D’Azzo Research Library
On Friday, May 1, the AFIT Academic Library and the AFRL Technical Library was dedicated as The D'Azzo Research Library in honor of a distinguished educator and research scientist who served the USAF for more than sixty years.
Updated: 05/06/2009