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Seminar locations vary, see local announcement or contact Dr. Akers for more details.


17 Nov - Jonathan Gustafsson - "High Energy Laser Modeling and Control"

20 Oct - Matthias Heinkenschloss (Rice) -  "PDE constrained optimization with uncertain data"

1 Sept - Boris Alexeev - "Applications of the Polynomial Method"

26 Jul - Carissa Stone (Cedarville) - "Models of Nation-Building via Systems of Differential Equations"

25 May - Emily King (Universität Bremen) - "Optimal Representation Systems and Sparsity"

5 May - Charles Doering (Michigan) - "Heat rises: 100 years of Rayleigh-Bénard convection"

5 May - Katherine Batterton (AFIT)  - "Women, Combat, Statistics"

28 Apr Bengt Fornberg  (CU - Boulder)  - "Radial basis function generated finite differences (RBF-FD): New computational opportunities for solving PDEs"

14 Apr - Joseph Iverson (Oregon) - "Group Frames with several generators"

7 Apr - Antonio Ache (Princeton) - "Ricci Curvature and the manifold learning problem"

11 Feb - Dustin Mixon (AFIT)  - "A semidefinite relaxation of k-means clustering"

21 Jan - Nathaniel Hammen (AFIT) - "Stable phase retrieval using low-redundancy frames of polynomials"  


10 Dec - Lt Col Jacob A. Freeman  (AFIT) - "Optimization Under Uncertainty and Total Predictive Uncertainty for a Tractor-Trailer Base-Drag Reduction Device"

29 Oct - Robert Buckingham (University of Cincinnati) - "The semiclassical three wave equation"

15 Oct - David Nicholls (University of Illinois - Chicago) - "High-order simulation of Surface Plasmon Resonances: A method of field expansions" 

16 Jul - Parisa Fatheddin (AFIT) - "Branching Stochastic Processes, Large Deviations and Anamolous Information Flow in Cyber Systems"

4  Jun - Katie Oliveras (Seattle U) -  "Stability of Traveling Water Waves in Two and Three Dimensions"   
21 May - Soledad Villar (UT Austin) - "Finding globally optimal clusters"

7 May - John Jasper (Oregon) - "Two new constructions of equiangular tight frames"

30  Apr - Zheng-Chao Hao (Rutgers) -  " Roles of geometric symmetry on the behavior of solutions to some

16  Apr -  Jonathan Gustafsson (NRC) -  " Numerical simulation of High Energy Laser (HEL) through the atmosphere, thermal blooming and turbulence"

26 Feb - Sritharan Sivaguru (AFIT) - " Rigorous Aspects of Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Dynamics"

12 Feb - Jonah Reeger  (AFIT)  - " On solutions of the Fourth Panleve Equation with no closed form"


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