STAT in T&E Center of Excellence Air Force Programs

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  • Air & Space Operations Center Weapons System
  • Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System
  • B-61 Mod 12 Life Extension Program
  • Combat Rescue Helicopter
  • GPS Generation III
  • ICBM Fuze
  • KC-46
  • Military GPS Upgrade Equipment
  • Next Generation Operational Control System
  • Space Based Infrared System
  • Space Fence
  • Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD)
  • Advanced Pilot Trainer (APT)
  • Enhanced Polar System (EPS)
  • JSpOC Mission System (JMS)
  • Space Based Infrared System Survivable Endurable Evolution (S2E2)
  • AFRL High Speed Wind Tunnel
  • AFRL Materials Division