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Welcome to the Air Force Institute of Technology

AFIT Overview

AFIT's mission is to help build America's airpower, by educating military and civilian Airmen to innovatively accomplish the Air Force's core missions, in support of joint operations, more effectively, efficiently, sustainably and affordably.  We provide unique defense-focused, research-enabled, multi-disciplinary advanced academic education, as well as globally delivering career-long, action-based, functional professional continuing education, over a continuum of learning, on-command and on-demand.  Our success is measured by the career-long contributions of our graduates, faculty and staff.  AFIT accomplishes this mission through four schools: the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, the School of Systems and Logistics, the Civil Engineer School, and the School of Strategic Force Studies.  This video provides an overview of each school and demonstrates the impact AFIT has developing mission-ready men and women who can positively impact the Air Force.