Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions
Certificate/ Non-Degree Eligibility

Standard Entrance Criteria

Applicants who meet the following standard entrance criteria are considered fully qualified and can immediately enter a certificate or non-degree program.

  • Hold an appropriate bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States, or the equivalent of this degree in another country.
  • Meet or exceed grade point average of 3.00 based on a 4.00 scale.
  • Adequate undergraduate preparation in their proposed field of study

Applicants who meet these criteria have the potential to successfully complete a certificate program or individual courses taken as a non-degree seeking student. Individuals whose academic credentials fall below any of these entry criteria, however, are very highly encouraged to apply for a certificate or admission in non-degree-seeking status, since waivers of some criteria may be granted by our faculty on an individual basis.

In addition to the certificate programs discussed below, individuals possessing the academic criteria noted above may apply as a non-degree-seeking applicant and, upon admission, enroll in graduate level courses without being admitted into a degree or certificate program. Admission in non-degree seeking status is reserved for those who are interested in course enrollment for professional development, intellectual enrichment, or exploring the possibility of applying for a graduate degree program or certificate program.

Note: A maximum of 12 quarter hours of graduate credit, earned in a non-degree-seeking status and/or transferred from another institution may be permitted for application toward a degree program, once a student obtains acceptance into a degree program.

Required Documents

In addition to the requirements discussed above, there are several academic documents required before AFIT can evaluate your acceptability for admission to an AFIT certificate program or as a non-degree-seeking student.

  • An official transcript from the institution which granted the highest degree received is required. In the event you hold two equivalent level degrees, the most recently awarded degree transcript is required.
  • For certificate programs that are major-specific or require prerequisite course(s) for admission and the prerequisite major or course(s) does/do not appear on your highest degree-granting transcript, you must also provide an official transcript from the school(s) at which you took the prerequisite major or course(s).
  • Admission counselors will evaluate and may conditionally admit upon receipt of a copy or faxed version of the appropriate transcript(s) noted above, but unconditional acceptance will not be granted until the appropriate official transcript(s) is received. Note students admitted into a certificate program or as a non-degree seeking student and who later seek a change of enrollment into a degree-seeking program must first provide official transcripts from each school attended and either GRE or GMAT scores, as appropriate.

Active duty Air Force Officers: Please note that AFIT may have some transcripts already on file for Air Force officers or prior students of AFIT. Please email the Admissions Office.


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