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2016 Student Theses

Last updated: 04/07/2016

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Charles E. Byrd, CW3, US ARMY

Exposing Inter-Virtual Machine Networking Traffic to External Applications.

PDF File 3.86 MB
Jonathan D. Fuller, Captain, USAF

A Misuse-Based Intrusion Detection System For ITU-T G.9959 Wireless Networks

PDF File 3.46 MB
Kyle A. Girtz, Civilian

Dynamic Honeypot Configuration For Programmable Logic Controller Emulation

PDF File 1.73 MB
Nathan E. Grunzweig, CPT, US Army

Statistic Whitelisting For Enterprise Network Incident Response

PDF File 710 KB
Joseph L. Hall, Captain, USAF

A Practical Wireless Exploitation Framework for Z-Wave Networks

PDF File 71.2 MB
Scott I. Harned, Captain, USAF

POCO-MOEA: Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Solve the Controller Placement Problem.

PDF File 1.53 MB
Barron D. Stone, 1st Lt, USAF

Comparison of Radio Frequency Distinct Native Attribute and Matched Filtering Techniques for Device Discrimination and Operation Identification

PDF File 15.8 MB
Michael C. Todd, Captain, USAF

Dynamic Network Security Control Using Software Defined Networking

PDF File 3.91 MB
Justin P. Wylie, Captain, USAF

Radio Frequency-Based Microcontroller Anomaly Detection

PDF File 3.14 MB
Jungsang Yoon, CPT, US Army

Framework for Evaluating the Readiness of Cyber First Responders Responsible for Critical Infrastructure Protection

PDF File 6.41 MB
Derek R. Young, Major, USAF

A Framework for Incorporating Insurance into Critical Infrastructure Cyber Risk Strategies

PDF File 1.18 MB
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