Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I update my Officer PME (OPME)?
A:  The AU Registrar’s Office updates OPME (SOS, ACSC, AWC, Sister-Service equivalents, and JPME I for IDE credit) ONLY!

The Air University Registrar has implemented a mandatory service desk for all requests.  To submit a request for an OPME update, you will need to:

  1. Access the AU Service Desk website: https://auservicedesk.af.edu (First time users must create an account.)
  2. Once signed in, select “Course Support”, then “Specific Course Support”, then “Officer PME”.
  3. In your ticket, provide the AF475, PSDM or Documentation showing being approved for Deliberate Development, along with your course completion certificate OR an official transcript.

 Once all documentation is provided in your ticket, your record will be reviewed and updated as applicable.  The Service Desk can be accessed by any device that has internet access; CAC is not required. The system works better on commercial networks.



Q:  How do I access my Career Data Brief (CDB) in vMPF?

A:  AF Portal> Personnel and Career> vMPF - virtual Military Personnel Flight>vMPF>Under 'Most Popular Applications'>select 'Career Data Brief'

Note:  DO NOT use AMS SURF. This is not an official document. Any updates made to your record may take up to 30 days to reflect on the SURF.

The Education Office manages AFVEC. If your information is not reflected, take a print out of your Career Data Brief to the Education Office, they need to correct your information in AFAEMS.


Q: Why can’t I see my academic information on my OPB?

A:  According to your OPB instructions, your academic information is masked--this means you will not see it on your OPB.  See the article below for additional information.

Q: I am meeting a promotion board soon; how can I get my records updated quickly?
A: First, validate that your records are not already updated by viewing the Career Data Brief in vMPF. Further instructions for how to locate this information can be found on our “Department Home” tab. Next, follow the directions for “How to obtain an educational level update” located on the same tab.
We cannot accept diplomas; faxes; photocopies; student scanned e-mail copies; screenshots; unofficial, opened, or issued to student transcripts; enrollment verifications; or grade reports.
Q: Will you accept a fax from my university for a completion letter or transcript?
A: No. If electronic transmission is required it will need to be accomplished through e-mail.
Q: I think that my school/degree was loaded incorrectly, what can I do?
A: If you feel that your degree or school was coded improperly, please refer to the "School Codes" or "Academic Specialty Codes" list and email your suggestion to: afit.msp.transcripts@us.af.mil
Q: How can I determine if my transcript was received and/or education level updated?
A: By accessing your Career Data Brief in vMPF where you can view your academic information. If this resource is unavailable to you, contact your local MPF or Education Center. Either of these offices can access MilPDS and determine the status of your education level update. If these resources are unable to you, contact us at DSN 785-6565 ext 4324 or e-mail: afit.msp.transcripts@us.af.mil
Q: How do I get my academic records updated?
A: Have your university send an official transcript showing the necessary hours, or degree to:

AFIT Academic Coding Branch
2950 Hobson Way
WPAFB OH, 45433-7765
Or electronically to afit.msp.transcripts@us.af.mil 
Q: How many credits do I need for my records to reflect work towards a master's degree?
We must have a single official transcript reflecting 15 or more completed semester hours, or 22 or more quarter hours of graduate work above the baccalaureate level.
Q: How many credits do I need for my records to reflect work towards a doctoral degree?
We must have an official transcript reflecting 30 or more semester hours, or 45 quarter hours of graduate work above the master's level.
Q: Can you accept a copy or fax of my transcript?
No. We cannot accept diplomas; faxes; photocopies; student scanned e-mail copies; screenshots; unofficial, opened, or issued to student transcripts; enrollment verifications; or grade reports. Official Transcripts (i.e. have a raised seal or tri-color stamp, etc) must be sent directly from the university.
Q: Do you update Squadron Officers School (SOS), Air War College (AWC), Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and other PME Courses I might take?
No. Please contact the Office of Officer PME at Air University for the update. They can be reached at: DSN 493-4776, Comm. (334) 953-4776 or by e-mail at: au.cfro@maxwell.af.mil
Q: Can I get a transcript for my AFIT Professional Continuing Education (PCE) courses?
For courses taken at the Civil Engineering School, call: 937-255-5654 (DSN 785) x3588 or x3582. For courses taken at the School of Systems and Logistics, call 937-255-7777 (DSN 785) x3262.
Q: Do you update my Acquisition Courses?
No, please contact the Pentagon at DSN 425-7112.
Q: How do I get transcripts if I have attended an AFIT in residence graduate level program?
If you were a full time student in-residence or have taken part-time master's or PhD level courses, contact the Graduate School's registrar office at 937-255-6234 (DSN 785) voice option 5 or x3192.
Q: I have just received a message that my bachelor's degree information is not on file even though I have been in the Air Force for several years. The information has been in the system since I came in, and I have to have a degree to be an officer. How is this possible? 
A: When you are commissioned in the Air Force, the office that commissions you is responsible for obtaining official transcripts, verifying academic education, and forwarding them to our office within 90 calendar days. This does not always happen. We rely on individual officers checking the accuracy of their records. If there is an error contact us.
Q: Why does my degree specialty say something before the correct area is shown?
Our coding system is built on adding specialties to general areas. The number part of your specialty code identifies a general area, and the three letters following identify your specific area. As long as the latter portion of your description identifies your specialty, the code is correct.
Q: Why does my degree information state BAC and/or MAS?
"BAC" indicates a baccalaureate degree, "MAS" master's. The Air Force does not distinguish between Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts, Master of Science.
Q: What is an Academic Specialty Code?
Education Level
Academic Specialty
·         The Education Level is the current amount of education earned. (P = Master's Degree)
·         The Year is when the education level was earned.
·         The Academic Specialty is a four digit alphanumeric code:
o    The first character represents the General Area of Study; in the example above 8 represents Physical Sciences.
o    The second character is the Major Academic Field; in the example above 8C is Chemistry.
o    The third character is the Specialization; in the example above 8CC is Biochemistry.
o    The fourth character is the Sub-specialization; in the example above 8CCM is Microbiological Chemistry.
·         The Method is the source of the education received; in the example above Y means that the member paid for the degree on their own.
·         The School Code is a three-digit code used to designate a specific school; in the example above BOE is Boston University.
Q: How can I fix the way my academic information reads on my Career Data Brief/SURF/etc...?
A: The AFIT Coding Branch uses a list of codes located in MilPDS to update degree information. Once the code is entered, MilPDS has default information that populates the system. This information cannot be changed. For example, if you attended East Texas Baptist University, it would be abbreviated to: ETX BAP U TX. This information can be found on the tab "School Codes" or "Academic Specialty Codes". --The AFIT Coding Branch cannot change this. 


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