BADUI, JAIME., Geosynchronous Satellite Systems Delta V Allocation For Collision Avoidance Maneuvers.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-203.  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Cobb.      

CHAVEZ, CHRISTIAN., Optimal Natural Motion Cirumnavigation Orbit Transfer Trajectories For Satellite Proximity Operations.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-208.  Faculty Advisor:  Capt Joshuah Hess. 

CHOE, KEVIN., Displacement Damage Effects In Ge1-xSnx Light Emitting Diodes.  AFIT-ENP-MS-19-M-073.

CROUCH, SAMUEL., Modeling Electrical Conductivity Of Chemical Rocket Exhaust Plumes.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-210.  Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Carl Hartsfield.  

DARARUTANA, KANIT., Comparison Of Novel Heuristic and Integer Programming Schedulers For the USAF Space Surveillance Network.  AFIT-ENS-MS-19-M-108Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col Bruce Cox.

GARLISI, CHARLES., Performance Characterization Of a Collid Thruster Using a Force Balance Stand.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-214Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Carl Hartsfield.

GEORGE, COLE., Optimal and Robust Neural Network Controllers For Proximal Spacecraft Maneuvers.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-215Faculty Advisor:  Capt Joshuah Hess.

GOOCH, JOSHUA., Global Ionosonde and GPS Radio Occulation Sporadic-E Intensity and Height Comparison.  AFIT-ENP-MS-19-M-079Faculty Advisor:  Maj Daniel Emmons.  

HERTWIG, FRED., Search-Based vs. Task-Based Space Surveillance For Ground-Based Telescopes.  AFIT-ENV-MS-19-M-178Faculty Advisor:  Dr. John Colombi.

JACKSON, SUNDERLIN., Control Strategies For Multi-Evaporator Vapor Compression Cycle.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-221Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Anthony Palazotto.

KROTT, MATTHEW., CubeSat Payload Thermal Management Optimization.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19M-225Faculty Advisor:  Maj Robert Bettinger.

LEONARD, AVERY., Sheet Velocity Measurements Using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy In a Xenon Hall Effect Thruster Plume.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-227Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Carl Hartsfield.

LEVALLEY, ANDREW., A Mixed Integer Programming Framework For the Fuel Optimal Guidance Of Complex Spacecraft Rendezvous and Proximity Operation Missions.  AFIT-ENV-MS-19-M-185Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Richard Cobb.

MACCHIA, MICHAEL., Application of Metamaterials For Multifunctional Satellite Bus Enabled Via Additive Manufacturing.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-230Faculty Advisor:  Maj Ryan O'Hara.

MAIKELL, MEGAN., Characterization and Anomalous Diffusion Analysis Of a 100W Low Power Annular Hall Effect Thruster.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-213Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Carl Hartsfield.

MERCIER, MARK., Optimal Inspection Of a Satellite With Dynamic Zone Constraints.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-234Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col Kirk Johnson.

O'KEEFE, JAMES., Mechanical and Vibration Characterization Of Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Laminates.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-235Faculty Advisor:  Maj Ryan O'Hara.

RAMOS, JENNIFER., Uranium Dioxide Actinide Detection Device Support Design For Space Applications.  AFIT-ENG-MS-19-M-050Faculty Advisor:  Maj Tod Laurvick.

ROUND, JOE., Variations Of Heavy Ion Abundances Relative To Proton Abundances In Large Solar Energetic Particle Events.  AFIT-ENP-MS-19-M-090.  Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Robert Loper.    

RUNCO, JOHN., Computational Aerothermodynamic Analysis Of Satellite Trans-Atmospheric Skip Entry Survivability.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-243.  Faculty Advisor:  Maj Robert Bettinger.

SINN, YONG., Unresolved Object Detection Using Synthetic Data Generation and Artificial Neural Networks.  AFIT-ENG-MS-19-M-055Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Kenneth Hopkinson.

TOWNLEY, TALON., Limited-Duty-Cycle Satellite Formation Control Via Differential Drag.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-249Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col Kirk Johnson.

WEBB, JEREMIAH., Comprehensive Study of Optimal Syneretic Skip Entires With Dynamic Thrust Vectoring Control.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-251Faculty Advisor:  Maj Robert Bettinger.

WILLBURN, ZANE., Manufacture Of Fused Deposition Modeling Joints Using ULTEM 9085.  AFIT-ENY-MS-19-M-252Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Carl Hartsfield.

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