Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)

Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)
Research Publications

Vibrometer Steering System for Dynamic In-Flight Tracking and Measurement
A. Jennings, J. Black, C. Allen, J. Simpkins, and R. Sollars
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Hybrid Camera System for Dynamic Tracking and Measurement
D. Magree, J. Black, A. Jennings, G. Briggs, and C. Allen
Orbit Estimation of a Continuously Thrusting Spacecraft Using Variable Dimension Filters
G. Goff 
Parameter Requirements for Noncooperative Satellite Maneuver Reconstruction Using Adaptive Filters
G. Goff 
Short Arc Radar Observation Considerations in Covariance Intersection
G. Goff 
Tracking Maneuvering Spacecraft with Filter-Through Approaches Using Interactive Multiple Models
G. Goff 

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