Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)

Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)
2013 Student Theses

The following student theses are available to view on the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website.
Maneuverability Analysis Against a Counterspace Mission Architecture
Ground System Development – Enhancing AFIT Capabilities and Joining the MC3 Network  
The following student theses are limited distribution and available only to .mil 
Hardware Design, Integration, and Test for the ALICE CubeSat Mission
Space Telescope Structural Design Analysis Approaches for the Chromotomographic Hyperspectral Imaging Experiment
Vibrational Analysis and Characterization of a Space-Based Deployable Photon Sieve System
Development, Integration, and Test of the ALICE CubeSat
Analysis and Validation of a CubeSat-Class Solar Array and Battery Module
Automated Improved Satellite Detection by Doppler Shifted Signals Off of the Air Force Space Surveillance System

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