Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)

Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA)
2014 Student Theses

The following student theses are available to view on the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website.
Performance Characterization, Development, and Application of Artificial Potential Function Guidance Methods
Computer Vision Tracking Using Particle Filters For 3D Position Estimation
Remote Sensing and Geographic Systems for Decision Support 
Thermal Characterization of the Air Force Institute of Technology Solar Simulation Thermal Vacuum Chamber (Hatzung)
Disaggregated Imaging Spacecraft Constellation Optimization  with a Genetic Algorithm
Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Trajectory Analysis with Autonomous Maneuvering Using Three Degree of Freedom Equations of Motion on a Spherical Rotating Earth
Reduction of Probability of Collision by Performing Collision Avoidance Maneuver


The following student theses are limited distribution and available only to .mil

Systems Engineering Approach to Automated Cueing  for Leo Satellite Tracking
Feasibility Assessment of Repurposing an Aerial Radio Frequency Geolocation Sensor to the Space Environment
Development of a Concept of Operations for the Falconsat-7 CubeSat
Structural Analysis of 6U CubeSat Chassis
Characterizing the Effects of Sensor Degradation on Sosi Network Performance
Space Object Self-Tracker Hardware Analysis and Test
Space Object Self-Tracker Experiments
Radio Frequency Emitter Geolocation Using a Constellation of CubeSats

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