Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s faculty seeks Individualized Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs). Typically, an IMA’s schedule availability precludes teaching an entire 10-week course or running an independent research program, though an IMA may support permanent faculty in either teaching or research, or the department in service activities.

Some example duties include:

  • Technical Reviewer for Public Affairs submissions
  • Teaching a technical writing seminar or special lecture topic
  • Department pre-audit for external review boards (e.g. ABET, NSA CAE)
  • Outreach facilitator
  • Conducting lab experiments

IMA applicants MUST:

  • Match the grade/rank and AFSCs of active duty faculty, which are typically O-4/O-5 with 62E or 17D AFSC
  • Have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science

Inquiries should be directed to the ENG military faculty pipeline manager An applicant should also prepare a package with:

  • SURF
  • Military CV
  • Last 3 OPRs 
  • Last 3 AFFMS (fitness scores)
  • List of academic publications and presentations

Note that IMA requests are routed through AETC, so the approval process may take up to a year. Please plan accordingly.