Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Program Description

The Graduate Logistics and Supply Chain Management program provides students with the opportunity to learn and exercise state-of-the-art management knowledge and tools to solve defense acquisition and logistics problems. The curriculum includes courses in statistics, operations research, organization and management theory, inventory systems, transportation and strategic mobility, maintenance and production management, financial management, and economics. In addition, students have the opportunity to of either pursuing an Operational Logistics, Operational Maintenance, Petroleum Management, Life Cycle Logistics, or Nuclear Logistics Management track. 

Admissions Requirements

Degree Required: Any field

Mathematics Required: College Algebra with a grade of C or higher

Test Required: GMAT - 550; or GRE - 153V/148Q (within the last five years)

GPA Required: Overall - 3.0; Mathematics - 3.0; Major - 3.0

Waivers to the above criteria may be granted on a case-by case-basis. Therefore, individuals whose academic credentials fall below any of the above criteria are encouraged to apply.

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Outcomes & Objectives

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Breadth. Apply foundational logistics concepts and sound analytical principles to efficiently and effectively advance Air Force, DoD, and other employer logistics and supply chain management capabilities
  • Depth. Are well educated, highly-valued, and successful logisticians and supply chain experts
  • Professionalism. Professionally communicate technical solutions and results
  • Lifelong Learning. Continue to pursue lifelong multidisciplinary learning


Program Outcomes (POs)

  • Critical thinking skills. Can critically analyze situations, information, and data
  • Problem solving skills. Can formulate problem statements, ascertain and collect the relevant data, and utilize the correct methodology in order to both delineate and solve problems in the real world
  • Communication skills. Can effectively communicate to peers, subordinates, and supervisors in a professional manner both orally and in writing
  • Logistics specific knowledge. Have developed a thorough understanding of the logistics, mobility, and supply chain discipline as required to make strategic level managerial decisions in the logistics area

Degree Information

Degree Type: Master's

Delivery Method: In-Residence

Degree Requirements

  • Management Core Coursework (8 hours)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Core (20 hours)
  • Specialty Sequence (8 hours)
  • Thesis (12 hours)

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