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Department of Systems Engineering & Management
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Engineering Management (GEM)
Current as of: 04/29/2014

Degree Type: MS

The Graduate School of Engineering and Management, Department of Systems Engineering and Management, offers the Master of Science in Engineering Management. The degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). This accreditation is applicable only for those students with an ABET-accredited undergraduate degree. The non-ABET degree title is Master of Science (Engineering Management). The degree reflects the importance of enhancing the interface between technology and management in environments dominated by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Upon completion of the degree, students will have a better appreciation of the broad field of engineering management and a better understanding of the integrative nature of processes and relationships inherent in most technology-driven organizations.

The Engineering Management program is designed for individuals operating in a technical environment who want to be more prepared to integrate technical and managerial skills within a decision-making context. The curriculum includes a foundation based on effective and efficient organizational processes, related managerial decision-making skills, and the importance of an integrated systems perspective. Since the program is designed to appeal to students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and technical environments, the core tools taught in the program provide breadth in the area of principled management. This prepares students to apply the appropriate concepts, methods, and tools related to fundamental engineering management responsibilities (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and controlling resources) in a technical environment. To provide flexibility in meeting individual objectives of depth, the program includes a concentration sequence that allows students to develop expertise in a particular specialization area. The strength of the program is thus its multidisciplinary approach in which students are able to develop their management proficiency within their area of technical specialization. Upon completion of the program, students will be well prepared to conduct and present methodical research to solve problems and support decisions within their respective technical fields.

GEM Program Educational Objectives:


 Program Guide GEM 11M (PDF)

Enrollment and graduation data for ABET-accredited Engineering Management master's degree program are located on AFIT's Institutional Data <> webpage.

After being posted in a headquarters staff position, graduates of the GEM program will be independent, trusted advisors in proposing, developing, and implementing policy as judged by their immediate supervisors in the areas of asset management, construction management, and/or crisis management as a result of excellent and consistent application of decision making and research tools to real issues confronting the staff.

GEM Program Outcomes: Students should be able to

  1. Articulate a problem at hand in terms that communicate well and lead the lsitener/reader to the kind of solution that will resolve the issue.
  2. Challenge arguments that propose solutions to problems and demonstrate knowledge of analytical techniques and systems thinking (and the appropriate rigor applied) required to pursue an optimal solution.
  3. Understand the foundations of crisis management, asset management, or construction management sufficient to develop command decision and policy making skills while working within the AF Civil Engineer career field and applying outcomes 1 & 2 above.