Department of Systems Engineering & Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Management
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Systems Engineering (DSE)
Current as of: 08/31/2015

Degree Type: PhD

Program Description: The Department of Systems Engineering and Management offers a doctoral program which leads to the award of a Doctor of Philosophy degree. The SE PhD degree, or DSE program, is a research degree that recognizes mastery in the field of systems engineering, a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research, and the dissemination of significant and original contributions to the systems engineering body of knowledge.

The program is primarily targeted at active duty Air Force officers who are assigned in residence by Air Force Personnel Command (AFPC). In addition, the program is available to part-time military and civilians who are locally available to take courses, conduct research and satisfy Doctoral Council policies.

Admission Criteria: The general requirements for admission to the DSE program are as follows:

  • Degree: An engineering master's degree (e.g., Aeronautical, Astronautical, Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, or Systems Engineering). Other relevant Masters degrees, together with an engineering BS, may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Courses: Calculus-based physics and dynamical systems (e.g., circuits or engineering dynamics) are required. In terms of mathematics, at least ordinary differential equations are required.
  • GRE: Verbal  > = 156 (550 if taken prior to August 2012) Quantitative  > = 151 (650 if taken prior to 1 August 2012)
  • GPA: Undergraduate GPA  > = 3.5 overall

Waivers to the above criteria may be granted (on an individual basis) by the Department of Systems and Engineering Management. Therefore, individuals whose academic credentials fall below any of the above criteria may apply. For more information on specific admission procedures to AFIT programs, please refer to the AFIT Office of Admissions.

For full details regarding the DSE program, refer to Chapter 7 of the Department Blue Book.

Enrollment and graduation data for the Systems Engineering Ph.D. degree program is located on AFIT's Institutional Data webpage.

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