Cyberspace Professional Continuing Education

The mission of the Department of Cyberspace Professional Continuing Education is to inculcate the Air Force's cyberspace force and joint force members with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevail in current and future conflicts. Graduates will be able to apply offensive, defensive, and information network operations to support all aspects of the national defense strategy.

Educating and equipping the nation's premier cyberspace force for the future of warfare.

Course Offering Schedule FY20 (CAC required)
Fast-Fact Brochure

Summary Department of Defense Cyber Strategy 2018
CSAF & CMSAF Because of You -- Cyberspace

Joint Accredited Courses:


Contacts for Student Enrollment

Cyberspace Professional Management Office HQ ACC A6/A6XX
E-mail: ACCA6.CPMO.Management@us.af.mil
Comm: (757)764-6792
DSN: 574-6792

Contacts for Course Content and Operations

Lt Col Ryan D. Batchelor
Director, Professional Continuing Education
Email: ryan.batchelor@afit.edu

Cyber 200 Director:
Maj Michael A. Detiege
Email: Michael.Detiege@afit.edu

Cyber 200 Manager:
MSgt Nicholas Schopperth
Email: nicholas.schopperth@afit.edu

Cyber 300 Director: 
Capt Kyle Dye
Email: kyle.dye@afit.edu

Cyber 300 Manager:
MSgt Matthew Lizzo
Email: matthew.lizzo@afit.edu

Cyber 200/300 Operations:
Email: Cyberpce@afit.edu

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

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