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Faculty Membership

We are committed to advancing national capabilities in areas of autonomy and navigation. This is a unique academic position because of the intersection of government, academia, and industry in a growing research field. We would love for you to join our team here at the ANT Center; you can learn more about the center and our research areas below.


Resources & Benefits


  • Lab technicians to support your, students and intern projects
  • Tools, sensors, hardware, and support for prototype development
  • Vicon Motion Capture
  • Differential GPS
  • Golf car to host data collection
  • Variety of sensors, computational hardware
  • NHL Server
  • 4 servers with 200 physical CPU nodes (400 threads) and 25 GPUs
  • MOU with AFRL MAV Lab (large indoor motion capture facility)

UAV Flight Testing

  • Many varieties of UAVs: fixed wing and multi-rotors
  • Batting Cage for outdoor experiements
  • Trailer for flight tests
  • Qualified safety pilots
  • Expertise to support flying operations, test planning
  • Delegated authority for flight test and safety process for Class I & II UAS


  • Proposal support
  • Financial tracking
  • DTS/Travel assistance
  • Purchasing assistance
  • Scheduling/Meeting support
  • Hiring/Recruiting of Interns and Research Engineers
  • Writing/Article/Editing support
  • Email blast and marketing
  • Video support
  • Vitas/Web site support
  • Web publication of papers
  • Public affairs submissions
  • Student cubicle space
  • Overleaf account
  • Support for CRADAS
  • Existing sponsors and relationships
  • Project support and time from Research Engineers

What We Ask of You

  • 17% IDC Rate
    • Provides for admin and lab support
    • Provides access to many of benefits on previous page
  • Permission to list your ANT-related research as part of the ANT Center (and have you listed as an ANT faculty member)
  • Information you provide us from your annual appraisal inputs to keep our records up to date
  • Coordination with us if you would like to use ANT staff/facilities
  • Information about your research interests/goals—the more we know, the more we can help make connections


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