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Course Description

COURSE:  WENG 400 Life-Cycle Cost Estimating

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend and consistently apply life-cycle cost estimating principles, tools and standards to Air Force programs to more effectively plan, program, budget and execute Air Force infrastructure requirements.

DESCRIPTION:  This course empowers "project owners" (design and construction professionals) to generate, review, manage and/or finalize the programmed amounts and independent government estimates. Students will master life-cycle cost analysis and the three DoD cost estimating methods. Graduates will become Authorized Air Force Cost Estimators.

Note: This course will require a high degree of mathematical competency. While graduated engineers and architects should be capable to complete the curriculum, they should expect substantial homework.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Programmers, Project Managers, Operations Flight engineers, and Higher Headquarter & Civil Engineer Squadron engineers & architects in support of the production of cost estimates.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other degreed Civil Engineer Squadron engineers and architects and technicians, and higher headquarters counterparts.

GRADE:   GS 9 and above, 2d Lt and above. (Applicants who apply and do not meet the rank minimums are not prohibited from the course, but should evaluate their ability in both advanced mathematics and cross-disciplinary construction, as well as a duty need for the authorization.)


Web-based - 5 weeks

The student will have 5 weeks to complete approximately 45 hours of instructional material with approximately 40 hours of homework and a 2-hour timed exam.

Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date! We unfortunately cannot entertain late applications due to Air University web-enrollment procedures.


COURSE LENGTH:  24 / 25 days (depending on the period the course is offered)

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06-Jun-2022 to 08-Jul-2022 / Web Enabled (Registration closes 23-May-2022)


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