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COURSE:  WENG 563 HVAC Control Systems

OBJECTIVE:  For students to comprehend the fundamentals of HVAC control systems as well as the typical control strategies that are utilized, and to apply these skills to the troubleshooting and more efficient operation of HVAC Systems.

DESCRIPTION:  WENG 563 HVAC Control Systems is a web-based, advanced level course intended to teach students the proper control of the various HVAC system configurations they may encounter. The course is broken into 4 modules. The Fundamentals module will discuss basic control theory, types of control systems, control modes as well as define some of the common terminology used when discussing HVAC controls. The bulk of the course will be spent in the second module, Control Strategies. Here students will be taught the most effective control strategies to implement for the various systems they may encounter, as well as learn the repercussions of failing to do so. It will be explained where energy is wasted, how equipment is degraded and how comfort may suffer when these systems are incorrectly controlled. The third module, Advanced Control Topics, will explain the intent and control methodology behind some more advanced technologies such as Variable Refrigerant Flow and Thermal Energy Storage systems. The last module, Systems Approach, will discuss broader topics such as addressing the inherent cyber security issues of such systems and the control systems acquisition process.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Mechanical Engineers, Energy Managers, HVAC technicians, and EMCS technicians

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other engineers with adequate experience with HVAC systems

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O6; Enlisted: E4-E9; Civilians: GS7-GS14, WG10-WG11, WL7-WL11, WS9-WS15+

PREREQUISITES:  Successful completion of WENG 460 Introduction to Mechanical Systems is preferred regardless of your demographic. However, waivers for not completing WENG 460 will be granted if you fall into one of the following categories:
- Hold at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
- Military HVAC technicians with 7 level
- Civilian HVAC technicians with a rank of WG-10 and higher
- Technicians (military or civilian) with at least 6 months experience in a controls shop


DELIVERY METHOD:  Distance Learning. Self-paced Web Course (instructor has internal deadlines)"

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