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Course Description

COURSE:  WENG 572 Facility Electrical Power Systems Design

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is to provide engineers with the principles and procedures necessary for the design and analysis of electrical power systems associated with Air Force facilities and other DoD installations.

DESCRIPTION:  This course provides engineers with the knowledge, ability, resources, and techniques to effectively design, manage, and maintain facility power systems. Topics include policy and guidance, facility design, design estimation techniques, power factor correction, lighting, grounding, special occupancies, and energy management.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Military and civilian degreed electrical engineers or Professional Engineers responsible for the design and management of electrical systems

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other degreed engineers, Project Managers, and Energy Managers

GRADE:   No Restriction

PREREQUISITES:  Primary Audience: No prerequisites Secondary Audience: Successful completion of WENG 470 Introduction to Electrical Systems

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students will be required to attend active instruction daily from 1300-1700 EST. Each day, students will be required to complete assignments due at 1200 EST the following day.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Virtual Classroom.

Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date!

Starting 1 January 2020, non-Air Force students may be charged tuition. For more information, please contact our course managers by clicking the Contact Us button.

COURSE CREDIT:  7 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards.


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