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Course Description

COURSE:  WMGT 231 SMS BUILDER Level 2 (Assessor rights)

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is to educate students to conduct Inventory and Assessment activities so they can input data into SMS BUILDER and be granted Assessor Rights to the program.

DESCRIPTION:  The course will prepare students to input inventory and carry-out condition assessments, navigate SMS BUILDER and BRED, and input data into SMS BUILDER. This is done in four distinct sections:

Section 1: General Inventory and Assessment Information
Section 2: Craft-Specific Inventory and Assessment Information
Section 3: SMS BUILDER Navigation and Data Input
Section 4: BRED Navigation and Data Input

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for WMGT 331 (Level 3 Data Manager) training.

This course is offered monthly.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Any military, civilian, or contractor Civil Engineer personnel who will be inventorying and assessing assets and/or any personnel with a vested interest in infrastructure data (such as R & O personnel, Foremen, NCOICs, 3E6’s, etc).


1. Only Contractors who have a ".mil" email address may register for this course.

2. Contractors must put the name and email address of your COR (Contract Officer Representative) on your REGISTRATION FORM under the supervisor’s information fields (as asked on the form). If you do not do this it will delay your registration.

3. Contractor tuition fees will be waived for this course so long as access to rights in BUILDER SMS is necessary to complete responsibilities.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Tenant Organization POCs needing access to their data and others as required and building personnel from sister services.
*** Non-Air Force students may be charged tuition. For more information, please contact our course managers by clicking the Contact Us button.

GRADE:   5 & 7-Level CE enlisted personnel and their civilian equivalents; CE officers

PREREQUISITES:  WMGT 131 - Please complete WMGT 131 before applying for WMGT 231.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Online course. Lessons provided in streaming video format.

***NOTE: You may start taking the course as soon as you receive your Welcome email from the Course Director (even if it's before the official Course Start Date). You must finish by the Course End Date. If you do not complete the course by the Course End Date, you will be removed from the course and can register for another offering. ***


COURSE LENGTH:  5 to 8 hours - Self paced

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01-Mar-2022 to 31-Mar-2022 / Web Enabled (Registration closes 15-Feb-2022)


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