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Course Description

COURSE:  WENG 200 Scoping and Estimating

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend and consistently apply scoping and cost estimating principles, tools and standards to more effectively plan Air Force infrastructure requirements.

DESCRIPTION:  This course is offered over a one-week period (half days, either 1200-1700 Eastern Time in Fiscal Quarters 2 and 3, or 0900-1300 Eastern Time in Fiscal Quarters 1 and 4) and focuses on the Operations Engineering process of assembling requirements and initial costs from both customer service request submissions (e.g. the AF Form 332) and from the condition assessments (e.g. BUILDER) with a key focus on the initial cost estimates produced. The course will empower technical experts from within a specific discipline to collaborate across multiple disciplines and develop a reliable initial scope and estimate for infrastructure work. Note: While estimating will focus on scoping issues, especially on multidiscipline investigations, the assembling of an initial estimate will require mathematical applications.

Example Schedule

WENG 200 Schedule

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Operations and Engineering flight technicians, planners, shop chiefs, and deployable personnel

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Air Force Civil Engineers

GRADE:   No limitation



DELIVERY METHOD:  This course utilizes a blended learning approach where students will be provided live online broadcasts in addition to watching pre-recorded course content over the period of one week.
This course constitutes your primary duty. All live-broadcast lessons are mandatory for course completion, and you will need to allocate time outside of class to complete the homework assignments. Please coordinate with your supervisor to ensure adequate time to view the self-paced content, complete the homework, and attend the live-broadcast lessons.

Students will be able to access ALL course content from any location with WiFi connectivity. Students should work with their supervisor to determine an appropriate location to receive the course content.

The Feb & May offerings will broadcast from 0800-1300. The Nov 2021 & Aug offerings will broadcast from 1200-1700

Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date!

Starting 1 January 2020, non-Air Force students may be charged tuition. For more information, please contact our course managers by clicking the Contact Us button.



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