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COURSE: WENG 270 Advanced Control Systems Cybersecurity Course

OBJECTIVE:  Apply basic cybersecurity principles to demonstrate how malicious code can impact control systems and other critical infrastructure.
DESCRIPTION:  This course presents hands-on education for civil engineers to understand the impact of cyber-attacks against control systems. Students engage in a series of lab exercises utilizing the Mobile Industrial Control System Security Trainer (MIST). The curriculum introduces students to ladder logic, human machine interfaces and basic networking principles that emulate a real-world control system. These lesson objectives are applied during the capstone exercise that illustrates how malicious code can create a physical effect on control systems.
PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  7 Level SSgts in the career fields of: 3E0X1 - Electrical Systems, 3E0X2 - Electric Power Production, 3E1X1 - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration, 3E4X1/A - Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance
SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  FWS technicians, 7-level SSgts, and applicable ARC members
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  In-resident Course
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
24A Wright Patterson AFB 13-Nov-23 - 16-Nov-23 800 - 1600 15-Aug-23 - 23-Oct-23 Nick Kulesza
24B Wright Patterson AFB 22-Jan-24 - 25-Jan-24 800 - 1600 24-Oct-23 - 1-Jan-24 Nick Kulesza
24C Wright Patterson AFB 29-Jan-24 - 1-Feb-24 800 - 1600 31-Oct-23 - 8-Jan-24 Nick Kulesza
24D Wright Patterson AFB 26-Feb-24 - 29-Feb-24 800 - 1600 28-Nov-23 - 5-Feb-24 Nick Kulesza
24E Wright Patterson AFB 18-Mar-24 - 21-Mar-24 800 - 1600 19-Dec-23 - 26-Feb-24 Nick Kulesza
24F Wright Patterson AFB 15-Apr-24 - 18-Apr-24 800 - 1600 16-Jan-24 - 25-Mar-24 Nick Kulesza
24G Wright Patterson AFB 20-May-24 - 23-May-24 800 - 1600 20-Feb-24 - 29-Apr-24 Nick Kulesza
24H Wright Patterson AFB 24-Jun-24 - 27-Jun-24 800 - 1600 26-Mar-24 - 3-Jun-24 Nick Kulesza
24I Wright Patterson AFB 19-Aug-24 - 22-Aug-24 800 - 1600 21-May-24 - 29-Jul-24 Nick Kulesza
24J Wright Patterson AFB 16-Sep-24 - 19-Sep-24 800 - 1600 18-Jun-24 - 26-Aug-24 Nick Kulesza

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