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Course Description

COURSE:  WENV 541 Water Quality Management Course (ISEERB)

OBJECTIVE:  ISEERB Designated for all DoD Components

Students will comprehend the technical and regulatory requirements of the installation water quality (wastewater) management program, and understand methods to plan and manage a successful program.

DESCRIPTION:  The course provides instruction on technical, regulatory, and management topics concerning water quality (wastewater) compliance. Major subject areas are wastewater and stormwater. Problem solving and group exercises are included in the course. Students and instructors are from all services.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  wastewater program manager, stormwater program manager.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  installation environmental program director/chief, drinking water program manager and water utility manager.

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O6; Enlisted: E4-E9; Civilians: GS5-GS14

PREREQUISITES:  Recommended: WENV 101 (Introduction to Environmental Management) or one year experience.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  A graded pre-class assignment is required to be completed prior to the course start date. The average time to complete the assignment is 2 to 4 hours.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Offering 22A (13-17 Dec) Offerings 22B, 22C and 22D will be in-resident at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base location.

The 2-5 Mar 2021 offering will be virtual/web based.

COURSE CREDIT:  3 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards

COURSE LENGTH:  3.5 days (in-resident or alternate location). 5 half days (web based).

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28-Feb-2022 to 04-Mar-2022 / Virtual (Registration closes 14-Feb-2022)
23-May-2022 to 27-May-2022 / Virtual (Registration closes 09-May-2022)


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