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COURSE: WMGT 100 Air Force Civil Engineer Basic Civilian Course

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend the Air Force Civil Engineer core competencies/capabilities, organizational structure, and processes. This course provides an introductory framework to the Civil Engineer career field and also provides the foundation for further education and development.
DESCRIPTION:  This is a mandatory course for all new Civil Engineer civilians to establish an enterprise-wide comprehension of the Air Force Civil Engineer community. Students gain a basic understanding of Air Force Civil Engineer doctrine, history, capabilities, and related functions. Students also learn the responsibilities of each flight within the objective Civil Engineer squadron, how the Civil Engineer squadron and its flights interface with other organizations, and how to plan and execute various programs within each of the flights. The course is organized in six main areas to include: (1) Civil Engineer Organization, (2) Asset Management, (3) Project Management, (4) Resource Management, (5) Energy & Cyber Security, and (6) Electives (students select their educational pathway to meet their local mission requirements).
PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  New Civil Engineer Civilians (Total Force)
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  Online Course
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
24I Web 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-May-24 - 31-May-24 Tina Durrah
24J Web 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Tina Durrah
24K Web 1-Aug-24 - 31-Aug-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Tina Durrah
24L Web 1-Sep-24 - 30-Sep-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Aug-23 - 31-Aug-24 Tina Durrah
25A Web 1-Oct-24 - 31-Oct-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Sep-24 - 10-Sep-24 Tina Durrah
25B Web 1-Nov-24 - 30-Nov-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Oct-24 - 11-Oct-24 Tina Durrah
25C Web 1-Dec-24 - 31-Dec-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Nov-24 - 10-Nov-24 Tina Durrah
25D Web 1-Jan-25 - 31-Jan-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Dec-24 - 11-Dec-24 Tina Durrah
25E Web 1-Feb-25 - 28-Feb-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jan-25 - 11-Jan-25 Tina Durrah
25F Web 1-Mar-25 - 31-Mar-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Feb-25 - 8-Feb-25 Tina Durrah
25G Web 1-Apr-25 - 4/30/20245 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Mar-25 - 11-Mar-25 Tina Durrah
25H Web 1-May-25 - 31-May-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Apr-25 - 10-Apr-25 Tina Durrah
25I Web 1-Jun-25 - 30-Jun-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-May-25 - 11-May-25 Tina Durrah
25J Web 1-Jul-25 - 31-Jul-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jun-25 - 10-Jun-25 Tina Durrah
25K Web 1-Aug-25 - 31-Aug-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jul-25 - 11-Jul-25 Tina Durrah
25L Web 1-Sep-25 - 30-Sep-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Aug-25 - 11-Aug-25 Tina Durrah

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