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COURSE: WMGT 131 SMS BUILDER Level 1 (Read Only Rights)

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is to introduce students to Sustainment Management System (SMS) BUILDER so they can be granted “Read Only” rights to the system. Students will gain a foundational knowledge of BUILDER so they better understand the role it plays in CE processes and how it dovetails with Asset Management principles. They’ll also be better versed in how to run reports and navigate their way around SMS BUILDER so they can make better decisions on infrastructure investment.
DESCRIPTION:  This course describes what BUILDER is, how it works, and why we use it. Other topics included are Direct Condition Ratings, key terms, reports, best practices, FAQs, and a detailed walk-through of the BUILDER website, the Custom Reports Guide, and several common reports. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for WMGT 231 SMS BUILDER (Level 2 Assessor) and WMGT 331 (Level 3 Data Manager) training.
PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Any military, civilian, or contractor Civil Engineer personnel who will be working in SMS BUILDER and/or any leadership personnel with a vested interest in infrastructure data (such as R & O personnel, Infrastructure Assessors, Superintendents, etc. FUNDING NOTE: Tuition will be charged for Sister Service personnel to include military, civilian and contractor students (There is no cost for Air Force Contractors)
SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Tenant Organization POCs needing access to their data and others as required. FUNDING NOTE: Tuition will be charged for Sister Service personnel to include military, civilian and contractor students (There is no cost for Air Force Contractors)
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  Online Course Self-Paced
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
24I Web 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-May-24 - 31-May-24 Bob Rucinski
24J Web 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Bob Rucinski
24K Web 1-Aug-24 - 31-Aug-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Bob Rucinski
24L Web 1-Sep-24 - 30-Sep-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Aug-24 - 31-Aug-24 Bob Rucinski
25A Web 1-Oct-24 - 31-Oct-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Sep-24 - 30-Sep-24 Bob Rucinski
25B Web 1-Nov-24 - 30-Nov-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Oct-24 - 31-Oct-24 Bob Rucinski
25C Web 1-Dec-24 - 31-Dec-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Nov-24 - 30-Nov-24 Bob Rucinski
25D Web 1-Jan-25 - 31-Jan-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Dec-24 - 31-Dec-24 Bob Rucinski
25E Web 1-Feb-25 - 28-Feb-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jan-25 - 31-Jan-25 Bob Rucinski
25F Web 1-Mar-25 - 31-Mar-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Feb-25 - 28-Feb-25 Bob Rucinski
25G Web 1-Apr-25 - 30-Apr-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Mar-25 - 31-Mar-25 Bob Rucinski
25H Web 1-May-25 - 31-May-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Apr-25 - 30-Apr-25 Bob Rucinski
25I Web 1-Jun-25 - 30-Jun-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-May-25 - 31-May-25 Bob Rucinski
25J Web 1-Jul-25 - 31-Jul-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jun-25 - 30-Jun-25 Bob Rucinski
25K Web 1-Aug-25 - 31-Aug-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jul-25 - 31-Jul-25 Bob Rucinski
25L Web 1-Sep-25 - 30-Sep-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Aug-25 - 31-Aug-25 Bob Rucinski

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