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COURSE: WMGT 341 SMS PAVER Level 3 (Data Manager Rights)

OBJECTIVE:  The main objective of this course is to give students more information and training on SMS PAVER so they can more effectively use PAVER's advanced features, gain expert-level insight into PAVER, and learn about exciting PAVER enhancements under development.
DESCRIPTION:  Students will continue to gain foundational knowledge about PAVER and how to use data to plan projects and make decisions regarding the Pavement Management Plan. Additionally, students will learn how to combine databases and how to create a rollup report. Students will also learn how to utilize the Airfield Pavement Evaluation Tool with PAVER, in addition to hearing from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Pavements Subject Matter Expert on the pavements program and the future of PAVER.
PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Any military, civilian, or contractor Civil Engineer personnel who will be working in SMS PAVER.
SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Pavement management personnel from other military services.
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  Online Course Self-Paced
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
24A Web 1-Oct-23 - 31-Oct-23 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Sep-23 - 30-Sep-23 Bob Rucinski
24B Web 1-Nov-23 - 30-Nov-23 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Oct-23 - 31-Oct-23 Bob Rucinski
24C Web 1-Dec-23 - 31-Dec-23 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Nov-23 - 30-Nov-23 Bob Rucinski
24D Web 1-Jan-24 - 31-Jan-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Dec-23 - 31-Dec-23 Bob Rucinski
24E Web 1-Feb-24 - 29-Feb-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jan-24 - 31-Jan-24 Bob Rucinski
24F Web 1-Mar-24 - 31-Mar-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Feb-24 - 29-Feb-24 Bob Rucinski
24G Web 1-Apr-24 - 30-Apr-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Mar-24 - 31-Mar-24 Bob Rucinski
24H Web 1-May-24 - 31-May-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Apr-24 - 30-Apr-24 Bob Rucinski
24I Web 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-May-24 - 31-May-24 Bob Rucinski
24J Web 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jun-24 - 30-Jun-24 Bob Rucinski
24K Web 1-Aug-24 - 31-Aug-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Jul-24 - 31-Jul-24 Bob Rucinski
24L Web 1-Sep-24 - 30-Sep-24 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 1-Aug-24 - 31-Aug-24 Bob Rucinski

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