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COURSE: WMGT 590 Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC)

OBJECTIVE:  This course teaches engineer students to understand sister service engineer capabilities and considerations for joint engineer staff. The course prepares engineers for future joint deployments, staff assignments, and homeland operations. Commanders and supervisors are highly advised to push students to attend this course for their professional development.
DESCRIPTION:  This course prepares engineers from all military services for future assignment to a Joint Task Force. The course focuses on joint engineer doctrine, service engineer capabilities, and employment principles for using service engineer capabilities in support of joint and service engineer requirements. Students attending the course must complete a pre-requisite distance learning phase of approximately 32-40 hours. Then, it is very highly recommended for all students to attend a 5-day resident phase. Each service provides Subject Matter Experts as guest lecturers and facilitators for small group discussions/exercises throughout the in-residence course.

FUNDING: This course is unit funded with the exception of the Wright Patterson, AFB, OH offering and limited funding for the INDOPACOM and EUCOM/AFRICOM offerings for students in those AORs. Additional funding may become available, in which case students will be notified.
PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Engineers in grades O2-O4 or E7-E8 serving or in-bound for joint billet or staff supporting a JTF or COCOM
SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Engineers in grades O5+, E9, or GS11-GS15 serving or in-bound to support a JTF staff or future joint deployment
PREREQUISITES: All students must complete the JEOC Distance Learning Course prior to attending in resident. You can self-enroll on to the Army MSCoE Blackboard site at https://usaes.llc.army.mil/. Click on the Courses link, then on the USAES Folder under the Course Catalog in the banner. Under, “ Browse Course Catalog” use the Search Catalog and search for: Joint Engineer. Click on Course ID: 052_4A-F16-030-F20-DL_2024_001_01_A Course Name: 4A-F16/030-F20 (DL) – Joint Engineer Operations Phase 1 DL Course – FY24, and then click enroll. POC for any Army Blackboard issues is Mr. Dwayne Boeres at dwayne.e.boeres.civ@army.mil.
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  In-resident Course
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
24E NBVC, CA 3-Jun-24 - 7-Jun-24 0800 - 1700 5-Mar-24 - 13-May-24 Dylan Gagnon
24F Wright Patterson AFB 29-Jul-24 - 2-Aug-24 0800 - 1700 30-Apr-24 - 15-Jul-24 Dylan Gagnon
24G Stuttgart, Germany 9-Sep-24 - 13-Sep-24 0800 - 1700 11-Jun-24 - 26-Aug-24 Dylan Gagnon
25A USMCU, VA 9-Dec-24 - 13-Dec-24 0800 - 1700 10-Sep-24 - 18-Nov-24 Chris Morales
25B JBPHH, HI 27-Jan-25 - 31-Jan-25 0800 - 1700 29-Oct-24 - 6-Jan-25 Chris Morales
25C JBLM, WA 24-Feb-25 - 28-Feb-25 0800 - 1700 26-Nov-24 - 3-Feb-25 Chris Morales
25D FLW, MO 7-Apr-25 - 11-Apr-25 0800 - 1700 7-Jan-25 - 17-Mar-25 Chris Morales
25E NBVC, CA 2-Jun-25 - 6-Jun-25 0800 - 1700 4-Mar-25 - 12-May-25 Chris Morales
25F Wright Patterson AFB 28-Jul-25 - 01-Aug-25 0800 - 1700 29-Apr-25 - 7-Jul-25 Chris Morales
25G Stuttgart, GE 8-Sep-25 - 12-Sep-25 0800 - 1700 10-Jun-25 - 18-Aug-25 Chris Morales

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