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COURSE: WMSS 502 PE and PMP® Exam Reimbursement

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to receive reimbursement for one professional credentialing exam per their career. Current approved credentials include the Principles and Practice of Engineering (P.E.) exam and the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

Regular Air Force Career Civilians will receive reimbursement for the P.E. exam (all disciplines). Additionally, 32E's are eligible for PMP® exam OR P.E. exam reimbursement. Students will be directed to provide their banking information, proof of passing, proof of payment, and selected other documents to an encrypted organizational email box for processing. Funding is provided by FY. Career Civilians are not eligible for PMP® exam reimbursement through this seminar.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Members can only take WMSS 502 once during their career. Must be an Active-Duty, 32E Civil Engineer Officer or a Regular Air Force CE Civilians who meet all the prerequisites.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Active-Duty Civil Engineer Officers (32E) Officers O-1 through O-6 and Air Force Reserve Command Civil Engineers (32E) on Title 10 Orders.

Members must meet the state-specific requirements for becoming a P.E. or PMP® (A passing score for the P.E. exam or a passing score for the PMP® exam).

  1. Must have at least 2 years of Federal Civilian Service
  2. Must have an acceptable performance rating of 3
  3. Must be a permanent employee in the CE career field
  4. Must be able to provide a statement from unit Resource Advisor proving reimbursement was not provided to member (standard Memorandum for Record template will be provided)
  5. Priority will be given to Civilians who have been vectored to obtain a Tier I professional credential
DELIVERY METHOD(S):  Online Course
Offering Location Dates Times Student Enrollment Window Course Director
25A Web 1-Oct-24 - 30-Sep-25 Self-Paced - Self-Paced 3-Jul-24 - 10-Sep-24 Tina Durrah

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