COURSE:  WENG 520 Comprehensive Planning Development

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to analyze, apply, and synthesize the design of an ADP using qualitative methods, charrettes, installation design elements, programming, planning graphics, and sustainable design principles in accordance with DoD guidance.

DESCRIPTION:  This course includes field surveys and design review sessions tailored for the base-level community planner. In this design studio-based course, students will prepare a conceptual Area Development Plan (ADP) from the development of a vision to the preparation of an Illustrative Plan. Students will gain understanding of how to design and how decisions are shaped by physical, economic, political, social, environmental, and cultural considerations. Students will be introduced to additional graphic and technical tools to aid in their presentation of planning products. They will learn how to prepare a program for short and long-term development based on their plan. WENG 519 is the pre-requisite to this course.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Community Planner, Architect, Landscape Architect

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Design Engineer, Project Programmer, Engineering Flight Commander, Installation Management Flight Commander, Airfield Manager, EIAP Manager, Energy Manager, and MAJCOM Equivalent

GRADE:   Officer: O1-O3; Enlisted: E5-E9; Civilians: GS7-GS13

PREREQUISITES:  Successful completion of WENG 519 Air Force Installation Planning Principles is required prior to attending. Bachelor's or higher in architecture, planning, or other disciplines within the design sciences is required. Course work or experience in design, and physical planning is desired.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Web-based (1 week), then Satellite (2 weeks)

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